The Medium in Manolos

Have you ever felt the presence of a loved-one after they've passed away?

Perhaps you feel the presence not just of your own loved-ones, but of other people's too...

I believe that everyone has the ability to connect with Spirit, and that it is through greater understanding and acceptance of ourselves that we can enhance this power called 'mediumship'.

This book will help you grieve. It will help you make sense of those dreams you've been having about your loved-ones who have passed. And it will help you develop your own capacity for mediumship.

Sex-an-the-City-meets-spirituality told from the perspective of a twenty-something medium from Glasgow, Scotland, this is mediumship like you've never seen it before.

Heart-warming, inspiring and educational...who knew death could be so life-affirming?

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Praise for The Medium in Manolos

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