Transformation & Change


You want to feel lighter, uplifted, excited and enthusiastic. You desire to live a fuller, more satisfying life. You want to feel a deeper sense of love and take more loving and empowering actions towards yourself and others. You want to have deeper and more rewarding relationships and experience more adventures and a depeer sense of fulfilment.

You feel tired, bored, uninspired and unfulfilled and you’re not sure why. Your hunger and zest for life has diminished, and negative, fearful thoughts and feelings outweigh the positive. You want to love life, but you’re not sure what to do to make the change you desire.

Answer these powerful questions and give yourself the gift of clarity:


  • What did you enjoy doing when you were 7 years old?

  • Who do you admire because they’re loving life?

  • What are they being, saying and doing that tells you they’re loving life?

  • What do you want to experience, be, do and have in the future?

  • Who do you need to forgive?

  • Whose forgiveness are you seeking?

Why coach with Lauren?

Feel release, relief, love, lightness and joy. Speak openly and honestly and be received with compassion and non-judgement. Experience greater clarity and insight about your life, and discover the tools to feel greater joy, fulfilment, purpose and relaxation.


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