Speaking Courses

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Confident Speaker Mindset

 A unique, 14-day meditation / visualization process to help you overcome fear of speaking, stage-fright and pre-speech jitters once and for all.

Investment: £67

Speaking Online

Podcasts are great for expanding your audience, making sales, creating compelling content and positioning you as an expert.

There is an art to being a great podcast guest and leveraging your appearance to grow your business. In this course you will discover:

  • How to get booked to speak on influential podcasts relevant to your industry
  • How to be a delightful and memorable guest
  • How to leverage your appearance to create raving fans, new clients and a boom in sales.

Great podcasts are looking for great guests like you!  

Investment: £97

It’s official: Video is the new speaking media. Whether you’re a content creator, a podcast guest, a Facebook Live-er, or your planning to speak on a sales video, speaking well on video is A MUST.

In this course you will learn about:

  • The different options for speaking on video and how to leverage them in your business
  • How to speak well and tell compelling stories for the social media attention span
  • How to leverage speaking on video to grow your business, create clients and expand your community.

You will receive scripts, prompts, content ideas and a road map of success to make speaking on video work for you. I will teach you about lighting, camera position, editing and music, and I’ll provide you with hacks, shortcuts and improvements to make speaking on video a fun and profitable addition to your business. 

Investment: £97  

  As a speaker, a polished, cohesive, inspiring brand can take your results, opportunities and fee from good to GREAT!

In this course:

  • You’ll get a clear understanding of what ‘branding’ is, why it’s important, and how to uphold your brand both onstage and offstage.
  •  You will discover how your appearance, your behaviour, and the words you speak leave a lasting impression
  • You will discover how to create an online brand that impresses viewers, fans and followers
  • How to identify your brand values and instill them into everything you say and do as a speaker.

With the right branding, you will stand out like a beacon of light o your clan, and your results will go from good to great.

Investment: £197  

Get the Speaking Online Bundle and make a great saving! Prepare to immerse yourself in fast, fun and effective strategies! Develop the mindset, confidence and savvy to master the new speaking media. Grow your online community, create speaking opportunities, build relationships and share your message in video and audio. Enjoy: Podcast Superstar Video Superstar Positioning, Branding, Trust ...and take your online presence from stuck-in-the-noise to making an impact!  

Keynote Speaking

Discover how to craft a scintillating, awe-inspiring keynote talk that will stay with your audience long after your presentation has ended.

  • You will learn how to extract the best stories from your life experience 
  • How to tell stories in a way that excites and delights your audience 
  • How to zero in on your key message and ensure that message comes across 
  • How to establish your authority whilst being likeable and a pleasure to listen to
  • How to order the content of your keynote to take your audience on a journey

Investment: £197

  So you’ve crafted a spectacular keynote. Now what? Where do you find an audience for your message? And who exactly is going to pay you for your wisdom? This course will answer these questions and more.

By the end of this program you will know:

  • Where to find fabulous speaking opportunities.
  •  How to pitch.
  • How to price your keynote.
  • How to build relationships that open doors to further opportunities.
  • How to create a one-sheet that stands out from the crowd.

Investment: £197  

Get the Captivating Keynote Bundle and make a great saving! Prepare to immerse yourself in fast, fun and effective strategies! Develop the mindset, confidence, and a fabulous talk that will get you booked and paid as a keynote speaker. Overcome your fear of speaking, discover how to tell emotive stories, craft a keynote that sticks with your audience and gives them massive value, and learn the exact business strategies to getting booked and paid as a keynote speaker. Enjoy: Fearless Speaking Creating your Captivating Keynote How to Get Booked and Paid as a Keynote Speaker ...to launch, grow and explode your speaking career! The perfect audience is out there just waiting for your message!  

Speaking, Teaching and Selling at Live Seminars

 Are you ready to craft a seminar talk that educates and inspires whilst transforming your audience into raving fans and clients?

If you want to be a powerful teacher, and you want to deliver an amazing seminar that sells your coaching, services and courses effortlessly, then this course is for you.

I will show you how to construct a seminar that is deeply transformational, laden with value, exciting and intriguing, and which has your audience rushing to work with you and buy your offers.

 There is a little-known secret ingredient that takes a seminar from good to AMAZING. I reveal all in this course. Upon completion you will have created a full-day seminar that educates, inspires and brings in sales easily for you.

Investment: £197  

  If you love teaching, you’re drawn to meeting your audience in-person, and if you want to dramatically elevate your sales, then hosting seminars is a great idea. BUT if not kept in check, your seminar can grow arms and legs both in complexity and expense, turning into a stressful, unprofitable mess. That does not need to happen.

In this program, I’ll show you exactly how I host simple, profitable seminars globally that have a luxe 5-star feel. By the end of this course you will know:

  • How to budget your seminar, what numbers you need to hit to make it profitable, and what to include as an absolute MUST vs. what is unnecessary expense.

If you like checklists, walkthroughs, step-by-step recipies for success and successful, profitable seminars, then this is the course for you! 

Investment: £197  

  There is nothing worse than the disappointment of having to cancel an event, or turning up to speak to an empty room. And it’s SO frustrating to make ZERO sales at the end of your seminar because your audience are not an exact fit for your talk. In this course, we’ll make sure that never happens again.

  • I’ll give you the mindset and the strategy for filling your audience with ideal clients.
  • I’ll introduce you to 10 effective ways to get bums on seats
  • How to get clarity on who your ideal audience is and where to find them
  • How to get 100 ideal bums in seats at your next seminar, with effective strategies from zero budget. 

Investment: £197  

Get the Scintillating Seminar Bundle and make a great saving! Prepare to immerse yourself in fast, fun and effective strategies! Develop the mindset, business strategies and transformational seminar that will boost sales, delight your audience and excite your community! Offline is SO the new online, so if you LOVE to teach live and in the room, then this bundle is for you. Discover how to create a profitable, inspirational seminar that creates massive sales whilst growing your community and delighting your audience. Get the right bums, of the best clients, in seats at your event, and deliver a talk that changes lives and has your audience asking ‘how can I work with you?’ Selling, presenting and filling your events will become easy with this bundle. Enjoy: Creating your Transformational Seminar Presentation Creating a Five Star Seminar on a Startup Budget How to Fill your Next Event with Raving Fans and Ideal Clients ...to launch, grow and explode your speaking / seminar business! The perfect clients and great sales are out there just waiting for your invitation!  

Live Group Coaching

Speaker Superstar is a 12 week coaching program featuring ALL of the above speaker content PLUS weekly live calls with me. It's for female speakers who want to:

  • Experience true self-confidence and stage presence
  • Create a unique and captivating signature talk
  • Get booked and paid to speak
  • Create their own profitable seminars and live events
  • Speak well and profitably on social media, podcasts, video and interviews
  • Leverage speaking to elevate their brand and be seen as the go-to expert in their niche

Investment: £3000