Do you feel the burning desire to speak from the stage?


I know you’re a powerful woman with something to say.


You feel the calling to take to the stage, to let your voice and story be heard, to transform your audience’s lives, and fulfil your own dreams and desires too.


You want to shine from the stage and you know that it’s your time, but you don’t know where to start (or maybe you do know, but you’re feeling doubtful and scared).


As a female entrepreneur with a service-based business (coach, consultant, thought-leader, educator) you have already overcome many struggles and accomplished so much.


Launching your speaking career should be easy, but somehow it feels frightening, overwhelming, and something that will take a lot of time and money to figure out on your own.


But it doesn’t have to be that way…


Why Speak?


  • Speaking is an amazing way to create clients – in the room, a client will typically make the decision to work with you ten times faster than if they’d met you online.
  • Enjoy a longer relationship with your clients – clients who have seen you speak typically stay with you longer and invest more money with you.
  • In terms of branding, being seen as a speaker is a great way to establish your authority and position yourself as an expert in your niche.
  • On a personal level…becoming an influential, passionate and confident public speaker is one of the most rewarding challenges we can overcome as female entrepreneurs. Sharing your message from the stage is a great way to build your confidence, challenge yourself, and push yourself beyond your limits.
  • And finally…you should speak because our world will change for the better only when women like you find their voice and boldly share their transformational message. Through your passion, you will ignite your audience members to take ACTION. In this way, stage by stage, you will change the world.



Why work with me?


My name’s Lauren Robertson, #1 bestselling Hay House Author, International Speaker, and Certified Speaker Coach for Female Entrepreneurs. I’ve been a professional speaker for 15 years, and I’ve shared my message with audiences all over the world. I’m on a mission to support 1000 female entrepreneurs to light up the stage and change the world with their message, making a great income and profound impact on their clients’ lives in the process.


Having my book published with Hay House, speaking internationally, and making money doing what I love are all wonderful experiences – though my happiest moment is when an audience member approaches me and says ‘your talk just changed my life’.


Do you dream of that day too?


Do you see yourself speaking about your passion at gorgeous global destinations?

Do you envision shining from the stage, shoulder-to-shoulder with other entrepreneurs and influencers you admire?

All of these things are possible for you.

If a spirited, shoe-obsessed gal from Ayrshire, Scotland can build a speaking career that fulfils her wildest dreams, then you certainly can too!






Let me show you how…


Speaker Superstars create their own stages.


Female entrepreneurs often come to me asking if I can help them get booked to speak on other people’s stages. Whilst the answer is definitely YES, I recommend you focus on shining from your own stage. If only you knew the money-making, impact-creating, joy-evoking, list-building, authority-establishing power of speaking from your own stage, and fulfilling your own message, to your own audience on your own terms, then speaking on other people’s stages would instantly become second choice!


Why speak for someone else’s vision when you can speak for you own?


True speaker superstars beam so brightly, they need their own stage to shine.


Speaker Superstar is a bespoke, 90 day coaching experience with me, Lauren Robertson.


We’ll work together to plan, promote and profit from your first successful, inspirational speaking event, in 90 days or less.


Yes, you read that right! In as few as 90 days from now, you could be stepping off the stage, elated, and richer in every way, from your first sold out speaking event.


I will be with you to guide you and hold your hand throughout every step of the process.


Cindy’s Experience…




During your coaching we will:


  1. Devise your signature talk that powerfully expresses your message and utterly dazzles your audience, leading to those magic words: ‘How do I work with you?’
  2. Cultivate your stage presence and authentic confidence so you can illuminate the stage with the energy of a supernova!
  3. Collaborate on planning, marketing and fulfilling your talk (once you know the steps to take, you’re off and running!)
  4. Enlist the perfect logistical support that will help you shine. (Venue, team members, budget and schedule are vital!)
  5. Blend your talk seamlessly with your business. I’ll support you with which services to offer and how to sell from the stage without feeling salesy.
  6. And if you still want to get booked to speak, I will help you leverage your event and branding as a speaker to create amazing future opportunities.


So if you’re a female entrepreneur with a service-based business and a message you’re lit up about; and you’re excited to hear those magic words: ‘your talk changed my life’ and ‘how can I work with you?’ as a result of speaking from your own stage, then I’d love to work with you.


Who is this program NOT for?


This program is not for you if you’re in financial difficulty – you’ll be required to invest some capital in hosting your live event.

This program is not for you if you want to play small, complain, get stuck in ‘can’t’, or aren’t driven to host your first successful live event in 90 days or less.


Who this program IS for…


This program IS for you if you’re a driven, passionate Speaker Superstar in the making!

If you are coachable, committed and willing to take action on your dreams.






You will be supported exclusively by Lauren as your coach.

Are you ready to make the best investment you will ever make – an investment in yourself?


Schedule your complimentary Speaker Superstar Strategy Session ($300 value)

You were born to shine from the stage. NOW is your time to step up and turn that spark of desire into a flame!




One last thing…


Speaking brings out the fear in all of us. You are about to make a big decision that will change your life and business for the better, and which will give you new levels of self-love and confidence, and create phenomenal opportunities for you, as you take your rightful place on the world’s stage. You might be feeling scared right now, and that’s ok. When I spoke on stage for the first time, I was terrified, and it turned out to be an amazing experience. When I invested $15000 in my first coach, I was sick with fear, and it turned out to be the best decision I ever made. It’s ok to be afraid…but don’t let the fear stop you getting the support you need to become the wealthy, influential, stellar speaker you know you can be.




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