How can it be that mediums with 10+ years experience still lack confidence?


Why do so many new mediums feel the calling to connect with Spirit, and yet tremble at the thought of getting up on platform?


What makes us talk ourselves down, beat ourselves up and keep ourselves small in our mediumship, when we KNOW we’d be better mediums if we loved ourselves more?



Join me for The Medium in Manolos weekend coaching seminar, where we’re going to discover the answers to these questions, and empower ourselves with groundbreaking transformational coaching techniques so that we can become accurate, confident mediums of excellence.

Beyond learning the basics of mediumship, excellence in your communication with Spirit is an inside out job, and during this weekend seminar, we’re going to look inside the thoughts, beliefs and fears that hold you back, and transform them into power, enthusiasm and faith: Faith in Spirit, faith in your abilities, and most of all, faith in yourself.



Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if you could:

Feel confident, calm and certain whilst delivering jaw-droppingly accurate information from Spirit to your recipients.

Stand up in front of an audience and give a graceful, fluent and entertaining demonstration of mediumship that truly touched the hearts of everyone present.

Feel worthy and deserving of your gifts and truly embrace them with pride and gratitude.

Give such amazing and transformative readings that your recipients tell all their friends and your phone starts ringing off the hook.

Get clarity on your hopes, dreams and desires for your mediumship and start working towards them in earnest. Working internationally on platform, giving meaningful 1:1 sessions, writing books, reaching many people and transforming their lives.


…well I’m here to tell you that all these things can be yours. It’s only you that’s holding back…and it’s only you that holds the key to becoming the miraculous medium you KNOW you are inside.



Come to this 2-day seminar and let me support you in unlocking the door to your greatness. It’s not humble to waste your spiritual gifts and keep yourself small and invisible. There’s no honour in that. What is honourable is making the most of your precious life, your precious self, your precious abilities. And in this intensive 2-day coaching seminar, I’m going to show you how.



Who is the workshop for?


This workshop is suitable for mediums at any stage of advancement. A rudimentary understanding of mediumship is essential – this is not a ‘learn mediumship’ workshop, this is a personal development seminar for those who have a basic understanding of mediumship and who know they are mediums.

The seminar will draw from my book The Medium in Manolos: A Life-affirming Guide to Mediumship, but it’s not essential that you own or have read the book.



During The Medium in Manolos weekend coaching seminar, you will discover:


  • How to get clarity on your desires and set intentions in your mediumship so that you can create results FAST without having to sit in circle for years with nothing happening.
  • The ways in which past hurts still haunt your mediumship, causing you to be fearful, to lack confidence and to become ‘stuck’ at a certain level with Spirit.
  • How to invite more fun, love and joy into your life (aka Spirit) so that your mediumship becomes stronger and clearer.
  • What to do when a client says ‘no’ in a reading, how to avoid going off the rails, and what to do instead.
  • Best practices for forgiveness, gratitude and journaling, and how to create a morning routine that nourishes you and enhances your mediumship.
  • How to release family trauma, old patterns and limiting stories, so that you can rewrite the script and embrace your power as an ambassador for Spirit.


This will be a small, intimate group (max. 20 people) so everyone will get individual attention and coaching for their specific goals and circumstances.



When and where?

The Medium in Manolos Weekend Coaching Seminar takes place on:

Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th January 2018, from 9am-4pm


The Carlton Hotel, Ayr Road, Prestwick (by the seaside….and by the airport/train station so no excuses!)

Overnight accommodation is available at the hotel. Please contact the hotel directly, as accommodation is NOT included in your tuition. Meals are also not included.



What is included?

In addition to your two-day seminar:

You will be provided with refreshments throughout the day.

You’ll receive 30 days exclusive access to the Miraculous Mediumship Members’ Club – my gift to you.


You can bring a friend to the seminar for free!! Yes, you read that right. You only have to pay for one spot, and you can bring a friend free of charge.

The first 4 sign ups (and their friends) will receive a private 30 minute coaching session with me to continue your transformation.


The investment for The Medium in Manolos weekend seminar is just £350 (or £175 each if you split it with your friend!)


I SO look forward to welcoming you and supporting you to become the miraculous medium you were born to be. Get ready to laugh, cry, and feel a weight lifted off your shoulders as we work together powerfully in love, light and harmony.


Click the button below to sign up, and I’ll see you in January!

The Medium in Manolos, two-day coaching seminar. Sat 13th & Sun 14th Jan 2018, Prestwick, Scotland >>>


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