During this 12 module program I will show you:

  • How to consistently receive jaw-droppingly accurate information from Spirit including names, dates, and the mannerisms of the communicator.
  • How to communicate your mediumship with elegant, calm and clear communication, instead of feeling nervous, fearful and uncertain, such that your clients are blown away and tell all their friends how amazing their experience was.
  • My ‘secrets of success’ in mediumship that will speed up your development, so that you don’t spend years struggling at the same level, feeling frustrated that you’re not progressing. Instead, experience rapid and drastic improvement in your mediumship with my techniques. You will amaze yourself at what you can do and how quickly you progress.



12 coaching modules for you to study at your own pace

Both video and audio tracks so you can sit down and focus or listen on the go

Supplemetary workbooks for each module so you can journal, anchor in your transformation and keep track of your progress


Who is this course for?

Mediums from beginner to professional who desire to feel more confident in their mediumship, and who want to experience all the benefits greater self-confidence brings.

Mediums who are sick of waiting forever for results and are looking for fast improvement.

Mediums who realize it’s their own self-doubt, excuses and ‘stinking thinking’ that’s standing in their way of becoming world-class, life-changing Spirit communicators.

Mediums who are ready to stop being small, invisible and apologetic and who are instead ready to shine, help others in a bigger way and show up honestly as the glorious Spirit communicators they truly are.

Mediums who are ready to receive a flow of dream clients to work with.



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