The Medium in Manolos is a guide to mediumship like no other you’ll have read before. Most mediumship resources teach you how to do mediumship. This book is different in that it shows you how to release yourself from the limiting beliefs that hold you back from your closest relationship with Spirit. Knowing yourself, your mind and your emotions better, and focusing on your strengths, your dreams and desires as they relate to your mediumship, will make you a clearer channel for Spirit. That is the philosophy upon which this book is founded. Just as an actor, an athlete or a CEO receives coaching to help them reach their greatest potential, your connection with Spirit can be enhanced in the same way.

Combining heart-felt (and hard won!) stories with contemporary spiritual philosophy and coaching strategies, created specifically for developing mediums at any stage of their journey, this book will help you illuminate your awareness of Spirit from the inside out.

In The Medium in Manolos you will discover:

  • How to develop your connection to your loved-ones in Spirit to help you heal from loss.
  • The life-changing actions I took to overcome fear of criticism, self-doubt and low confidence in my mediumship, and how you can do the same.
  • The key questions you must ask yourself if you want to receive names, dates, significant memories and other mind-blowing information from communicators in Spirit.
  • How to identify your dominant ‘clair’ and harness its power to bring greater confidence and clarity to your mediumship.
  • My top strategies for creating happiness, harmony opportunity and success in your role as medium.
  • How I went from high school drop-out to serving Spirit during thousands of 1:1s and platform demonstrations.

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Lauren Robertson is a Spirit communicator, author, and transformational coach. In addition to passionately demonstrating and speaking about mediumship, Lauren specializes in helping mediums and intuitive practitioners unlock new levels of insight, confidence and success in their work.

‘I began my career as a medium at just 16 years old,’ she writes, ‘so I know what it’s like to feel doubtful of your abilities, worried about what people will think about your gifts, and fearful that you’re making it all up! The world needs more mediums – more sincere souls to demonstrate that life and love are everlasting. I believe that most people have the ability to connect with Spirit in a meaningful way; so my job is to help you overcome the doubts and fears that stand in your way. Whether you’re connecting with your own loved-ones (for your own personal healing) or you’re guided to help others with your abilities, my aim is to empower you to be the best version of you, so that you can be a clear channel for Spirit. Spirit wants this for you even more than you want it for yourself.’

Lauren has served tens-of-thousands of people in her capacity as medium and has spoken on UK and international platforms. She holds a Master of Arts degree in philosophy and English literature, specializing in The Mind and approaches to understanding consciousness.

As a Millennial woman, growing up on a steady diet of Sex and the City and Vogue magazine, The Medium in Manolos seemed an appropriate title for Lauren’s first book, published by Hay House. As the title suggests, her love for mediumship is matched only by her love for designer shoes.

She lives in the West of Scotland countryside with her fiancé and two fur babies.


Before coaching with Lauren, my work as a medium was slow to say the least! She helped me uncover blocks with my work, and I made an emotional connection to a past experience that was creating lack in my present situation. It was an incredibly powerful revelation! My confidence improved almost immediately. This has opened many new doors for me and my client list is rapidly growing! I would recommend Lauren to mediums at all stages of development.

The Medium in Manolos aims to close the divide between ‘medium’ and ‘non-medium’, so although this book is not a manual for the bereaved, it is intended to empower anyone who has lost someone. If you have ever felt the presence of your loved-one around you, and you’d like to enhance this newfound connection you have with them, this is the book for you.

This book is also for you if you currently identify as a medium – whether you’ve just had your first ‘spooky’ experience, or you’ve been hosting sold-out mediumship events for years. Learn how to achieve accuracy, confidence and excellence in your work with Spirit, and take the healing impact of your messages to the next level.


I attended an evening of mediumship with Lauren because she was recommended by a good friend of mine. The evening was full of laughs, fun & tears. Lauren was amazing, and the evidence from Spirit was wonderful. My friend’s husband came through to give a message to her that only us as a family knew about. I’ve also had a message that was so spot on. Lauren is so full of life and you can tell she just loves what she does. I’ve been to see her a few times and I’m always happy to be there because it’s a great night and I leave with a big smile.

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