When was the last time you gave yourself the gift of a full day dedicated to your development, your dreams, your desires? Your Miraculous Mediumship Luxury Intensive gives you the opportunity to do just that. I invite you to join me, in person, at a gorgeous luxury hotel, where we will have a private space to spend all day focused on what is important to you. Not only will this luxurious experience leave you feeling refreshed, excited, energized and high-vibe, but it is truly astonishing what we can accomplish in a day together.

In the past, my clients have used our time together to:

  1. Develop their mediumship, learning how to receive names, dates, memories, and mannerisms from Spirit to create a compelling, accurate and heartfelt message from Spirit.
  2. Overcome limiting beliefs such as ‘I’m not getting anything’, ‘I’ll never be as good as so-and-so’, ‘I’m worried about getting it wrong’, and this classic ‘I’m afraid to charge for my services’. In overcoming these beliefs, my clients became free to serve their clients confidently, fully and completely in their capacity as medium.
  3. Get clear on a business plan that suits their lifestyle; a marketing strategy that feels fun and elegant instead of feeble and salesy; creating abundant, prosperous thinking instead of impoverished, fearful thinking; and learning to write copy that is unique and true to their brand instead of boring and generic. This has enabled my clients to stand out from the crowd as mediums, describe what they do in a compelling, confident way and attract wonderful clients. A clear business plan has allowed my clients to create greater prosperity and time freedom in their spiritual businesses.
  4. Create a fabulous book proposal / outline that truly expresses their unique gifts and talents whilst helping them stand out as an expert in their field.
  5. Get clear on their dreams, desires and personal mission, and develop the mindset and manifesting moxie to turn their dreams into reality.

When you sign up for a Miraculous Mediumship Luxury Intensive, you will be sent a detailed welcome packet to complete in advance of your session. This lets me know your back-story, and helps us both to be clear on what you want to accomplish during our time together. On your chosen date, you will be welcomed at a gorgeous luxury hotel, ready to begin your session at 9am. You will be shown to our private space, and we’ll spend our time exploring, healing and creating whatever is important to you. We will stop for plenty of comfort breaks, where you will be served complimentary tea and coffee. You will also be served a Divine lunch of your choosing. After your session, you will be provided with an audio recording of your intensive, so that you may revisit your session at your leisure.

Luxury Intensives are held regularly in Ayrshire, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Upcoming international intensives include Canada, Italy and Singapore, please revisit this page for announcements regarding the availability of these destinations.

Click the button below to schedule your complimentary discovery call, to discuss whether a luxury intensive in Ayrshire, Edinburgh or Glasgow is the right option for you.

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