Intuition & Spirituality


You’ve had some extraordinary intuitive experiences and they’ve opened your eyes to the reality that we’re all connected. You know that your intuitive, psychic and mediumistic insights can be applied to help yourself and others, and you want to develop your abilities, and open your heart, to be a force of good in the world.
A lack of guidance, consistency and faith in yourself is holding you back. You know you can reach deeper, more accurate, more life-changing insights but you’ve been unable to get there on your own. You feel fear, hesitation, self-doubt and confusion. You lack support, accountability, structure in your practice and you feel you have no one available to answer your questions and celebrate your miraculous successes.

Ask yourself these questions (write them down for extra impact):


  • What is it you truly want to achieve with your abilities?

  • Who taught you that it’s not ok to be special?

  • What’s making you reluctant to trust your intuition?

  • How deeply could you help someone heal their life if you were free from hesitation?

  • What’s stopping you?

Why coach with Lauren?

Deepen your spiritual practice, expand your intuitive awareness, feel rich love and compassion for yourself and others, and achieve miraculous truth and insights that change your recipient’s lives for the better.


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