If you’re a high-vibe, down-to-Earth psychic, medium or intuitive practitioner then The Higher Power Podcast is for you. Featuring intuitive development techniques, confidence-building, personal mastery approaches and amazing special guests, the Higher Power Podcast will inspire you to be your most powerfully intuitive self.

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Episode 1
In this audio training I’ll share with you exactly what you need to do, and who you need to be, to enjoy amazing intuitive insights that will create miracles in your life, and how to use your intuition to help and support others.


Episode 2
Why our clients say ‘no’ to our insights, why it stings and what to do about it.


Episode 3
Connecting with Spirit is your birthright because you ARE Spirit. This is what 13 years of mediumship has taught me about connecting with Spirit – these are the REAL basics of Spirit communication.


Episode 4
Vague readings do no one any good and they are less than what you’re capable of. Here’s what you need to do stop hedging your bets and get right to the heart of the truth. Listen up – your clients will thank you for it….


Episode 6
What are the blessings and lessons that arise when a trusted medium is exposed as insincere?


Episode 7
I have successfully created miracles in my life, including financial abundance, a rewarding spiritual career, a book deal, true love and world travel! This is my exact recipe for manifesting miracles 😉


Episode 8
So much healing can come from the realization that your loved ones are close to you, but sometimes ‘signs’ from Spirit can be few and far between. So how do we connect with our loved ones in Spirit? Listen to find out…


Episode 9
The Universe wants you to be wealthy, abundant and financially free – and there’s more than enough for everyone. So why do we have so much guilt and lack around receiving wealth? In this episode of The Higher Power Podcast, I’ll show you how to change your thinking to change your bank account.


Episode 10
In both your intuitive work with others, and in life, the fear of failure is often at the core of what holds you back from happiness, success and fulfilment. We fear what’s on the other side of trying and so we don’t try. In this episode of The Higher Power podcast, I’ll help you transcend the fear of failure to reveal your greatness.


Episode 11
Compassion is the space in which miracles and freedom occur. But how do we access compassion when we’re angry?


Episode 12
So often, we take action in life not towards what we want, but away from what we don’t want, resulting in a life laced with anxiety. In this episode, I’ll help you excavate what you really want from life, and support you in creating a plan to achieve it. A life led by desire is a life of fulfilment and joy.


Episode 13
If you desire to be a world-class psychic, medium or intuitive practitioner, you have to be prepared to learn a modality, get plenty of practice…and take yourself on a deep journey of transformation so you can be un-self-consciously available for Spirit to work through you. In this episode, I’m going to give you an example of coaching that will take your intuitive gifts to the next level.


Episode 14
There is only so far action will take you. Sometimes, to get where you want to go, in your development or in life, you have to just stop. Listen up to today’s podcast to hear about the art of stopping.


Episode 15
What would it mean to you to finally have confidence in yourself as an intuitive practitioner? How would that affect your work; your ability to invite people to work with you; and your dreams for the future? In this episode, I’ll guide you through the process of becoming a confident intuitive.


Episode 16
Progress is the result of a balancing act. If we get too stuck in one extreme and lose our balance, we stop progressing. This is true of mediumship, intuitive work, and life! Too grateful of the present and we don’t try our best, too ambitious and we stop being present. In this episode of The Higher Power Podcast I’ll share with you how walking that line helped me progress in my career as a medium.


Episode 17
When you clearly understand the power of your intuition, you can use it to make fast and meaningful decisions that will help you create an exceptional life. That’s the topic of today’s podcast.


Episode 18
Do you find it difficult to bounce back from life’s challenges? In this week’s episode, I’m going to give you a candid insight into the challenges I’ve faced in my life lately, and share with you some strategies for picking yourself up after a fall. Tune in and learn how to extract the blessing from the chaos, the diamonds in the rough.


Episode 19
Do you feel that your connection with Spirit has levelled-off and your mediumship has stopped improving? It might be time to set a new goal and ask Spirit to help you get there. In today’s episode I’m going to help you do just that.


Episode 20
You know you have a good connection with Spirit, you’ve had a ton of practice, and you’re ready to walk with Spirit into the public eye – so what now? In this episode, I’ll share with you how to get booked to speak, demonstrate and do readings.


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