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Your business is established, but you want to take it to the next level. You desire to go from service-provider who’s just getting by, to a business owner who’s receiving income in multiple ways, is confident in creating products / services that sell, and you want to feel deeply inspired, excited and fulfilled by your business.

You have an uncomfortable relationship with money, you don’t like promoting yourself, you feel overwhelmed about which strategy to implement and you feel alone and unsupported. You know your business can be so much more, and you desire to make a deeper contribution whilst receivng a greater amount of wealth, but you are resistant and fearful about taking new actions.

Answer the powerful questions:


  • What targets do you desire to achieve in your business in the next 3 months, 6 months, 12 months?

  • What do YOU desire to achieve for yourself in the next 12 months?

  • What is it about money that makes you uncomfortable?

  • Where do you feel that discomfort in your body?

  • What’s the story you’re running in your mind about money?

  • In a perfect world, what would be true about money for you?

Why coach with Lauren?

Transform your relationship with money, cultivate self-worth, set clear, achievable and exciting targets for your business and create a plan to achieve them, feel confident about the value of your offerings, learn to sell with elegance and sincerity, get to know your clients intimately and emotionally and discover what they really want from you, receive support, accountability, focus and guidance.


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