Desires & Goals


You have a burning excitement and enthusiasm for a goal, dream or vision, and NOW is the right time to turn your dream into a plan. You have butterflies in your tummy and a head full of ideas as you prepare to take inspired and massive action to turn your dream into reality.

You feel blocked, fearful, worried and lack confidence in making this happen on your own. Your thinking is causing you to avoid the actions you know you should be taking. You’re thinking way too small and the voice of doubt is holding you back. Your desire is strong, but your feelings of resistance and fear are stronger.

Write down these questions and answer them:


  • Can you state your vision / goal in 5 sentences or less?

  • What will your life be like if you never achieve your goal?

  • How will it affect your emotions, your family, your finances, your quality of life if you choose not to work towards your goal?

  • What three actions can you take towards your goal NOW?

  • What’s been stopping you taking these actions?

  • What’s changed that’s spurred you into action NOW?

Why coach with Lauren?

Turn your fearful thinking into enthusiasm and clarity, heal the inner wounds and self-doubt programming that’s been holding you back, create a plan with actionable steps, receive encouragement, love, support and accountability as you take new steps – and with new steps must come new results.


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