Creativity & Writing

You desire new opportunities to express your art. You want the book deal, the exhibition space, the role in the play, the validation that your work is meaningful. You want to earn a living from your art and feel confident, energized and supported throughout the process.

You feel unsure of yourself. You feel invisible. You’re intimidated by competition and you’ve been disappointed. You procrastinate. You’re unsure of the right thing to do. You’re committed to your art, and you know your art is worthy – but your fearful thoughts and uncertain actions have led to less-than-amazing results. You find it difficult to become enthused after rejection.

Get clarity from these powerful questions:


  • What do you want to write / create and who is it for?

  • Does this piece make sense to your existing body of work?

  • How will your life change for the better if you create this and it’s successful?

  • Who do you know who’s experienced the success you seek?

  • What are they doing that you’re not doing?

Why coach with Lauren?

Stay the course where you’ve previously lost faith and quit. Get clear on the vision you have for your book / art and create a plan to make it happen. Receive accountability, support, encouragement and new perspectives. Be challenged to think bigger and take bold new actions.


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