Activate Your Higher Power will help you unlock your true potential, connect you with your purpose, and give you the confidence, support and focus to make the best use of your talents and gifts, and bring them to your clients in a way that fulfils you financially and creatively, whilst serving your clients on a deeper level.

If you’re anything like me, you have dreams. BIG dreams. You want to write a best-selling book, you want to help as many people as possible by speaking to large audiences and seeing many clients, you want to make a meaningful contribution to the world that will ultimately affect all of humanity in a positive way.

And on a personal level, you want to see the world. You want to live a financially abundant life, free from money worries, and you want to create this wealth by bringing your talents to the world in a way that feels authentic and empowered to you – in a way that only you can. You desire to speak your message, to teach, to create, to wake up in the morning excited to greet the day because you’re fully booked with clients. Bigger and bigger opportunities are arriving every day; and both your bank account and heart are full, and you’re living the life of your dreams.

All of this and more is achievable for you – someone is living your dream life right now. And if they’ve made it happen then so can you.

Anyone who has created this level of success, financial stability and contribution to the world has two things:

  1. They have help, guidance and support from mentors.
  2. They have confidence in themselves and their ability to make it happen.

I’ve created Activate Your Higher Power to offer you both of these essential ingredients for success.

Activate your higher power with Lauren Robertson

If you recognize that your thoughts and beliefs are what’s holding you back – and you can see that changing your thoughts and beliefs is the key to the success you desire, then Activate Your Higher Power is the right program for you.

Spiritual entrepreneurs are often super-sensitive and live with self-doubt and fear: Fear of judgment; fear of rejection; fear of being visible; fear of failure; fear of uncertainty; and fear of their own greatness. These layers of fears that we identify with, can cause us to make (or not make) decisions that keep us in the safe zone – whilst keeping us away from the success we desire.

Activate Your Higher Power is a transformational coaching program that will support you in transforming your limiting beliefs and fearful thoughts into inspiration, faith and action.

Activate Your Higher Power focuses on helping you:

Have more confidence in yourself: So that you can be in a state of inspiration, creativity, love, faith, generosity, happiness, drive and peace, instead of frustration, fear, anxiety, loneliness, drama, uncertainty, doubt and confusion. (Changing your beliefs, emotions and mindset is the key to your success).

Have increased confidence in your gifts, talents and abilities: So that you can create a show-stopping, spectacular and deeply meaningful service for your clients that makes the best of your gifts and is uniquely YOU.

Experience greater confidence in promoting and selling your services: So that you can present yourself and your services to your ideal clients in a way that WORKS and makes them feel excited.  Selling and promotion can feel elegant, authentic and sacred: it doesn’t have to be embarrassing, salesy or ineffective.

Have deep confidence in your big dreams and vision for the future: Not only is it ok for you to have desires – you MUST have them if you truly want to succeed. Get clear on your desires and emotionally involved with them, and watch your meaningful desires and sacred goals come to life.

The benefits of hiring a 1:1 coach are many, and people who have hired the right coach or mentor tend to have increased success, more rapidly, than those who go it alone. Coaching enables you to see yourself, your life, your business, your future and your past differently, so that you are empowered to think different thoughts, feel different feelings, and ultimately make different choices with the support of someone who believes in your greatness – outcomes that would not be presented if you were trying to progress on your own.

Accountability – Your coach will help keep you on track towards your goals – in thought and action – where previously you had lost faith or become distracted.
Boldness – Your coach will support you in making bold choices that lead to quantum leaps of success.
Choice – Your coach will help you see that there are alternatives to your current beliefs, actions and situation, and support you in examining your options and making the best decision for yourself.
Direction – Your coach will be by your side, and help direct you towards the outcomes you seek.

During Activate Your Higher Power (90 day program) you will be coached exclusively by me, Lauren Robertson.

From struggling psychic medium earning £30 per reading, to thriving spiritual entrepreneur creating my own unique services; achieving £6k months and beyond; travelling the world; speaking on stage; and achieving my dream of having my book published by Hay House, I know what it takes to create the results that burn in your heart – because they burn in my heart too.

I am a Divine Living trained coach with 5 years experience. I hold an MA Hons in literature and philosophy specializing in philosophy of mind, the emotions, and consciousness studies. My methods are based in fact, research and education – I know how to help you change your thinking in order to change your life.

Activate Your Higher Power is a 90 day 1:1 coaching program for spiritual entrepreneurs who desire to experience greater confidence, so that they can achieve greater success.

You, your journey, your dreams and desires are completely unique, so Activate Your Higher Power has no set agenda. The only agenda is your happiness and success.

Generally speaking we will work on:

  • Clarifying your desires
  • Removing limiting beliefs
  • Instilling new beliefs
  • Transforming your emotional state
  • Creating a plan
  • Enacting your plan
  • Making bold decisions
  • Course correcting
  • Deepening feelings of self-love and self worth.

My style of coaching combines transformational coaching with mentorship, meaning that I will also support you in taking practical, effective, efficient and focused actions that WORK towards creating the results you seek.

  • Getting clarity on a unique intuitive offering.
  • Transforming your relationship with money.
  • Creating an amazing book proposal.
  • Creating a plan to achieve an unfulfilled desire.
  • Creating speaking opportunities.
  • Incorporating coaching into your business.

This program is not suitable for psychics, mediums or intuitive practitioners at beginner – intermediate level.

This program is not suitable for those looking for a teacher – in coaching YOU already have the answers, my role is to help you unlock them and implement them.

This program is not suitable for anyone looking for quick cash, or to chit-chat – Activate Your Higher Power is for committed spiritual entrepreneurs who want deep understanding of themselves, and lasting results in their spiritual business.

Click the button below to schedule your discovery call, in which you can ask any remaining questions you may have, and we can ascertain if Activate Your Higher Power is the right program for you.

If we decide the program is right for you, you’ll be invited to complete your coaching agreement, make your payment and schedule your first session on the call. Please prepare any items you will need to complete this process.

Please only book a discovery call if you are serious about doing this work and you are able to afford to do so financially. Discovery calls are not an opportunity to receive free coaching.

Activate Your Higher Power:
Confidence Coaching for Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve the confidence, fulfilment and success you deserve.

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