A Miraculous Mediumship Breakthrough Session is perfect for you if you are SO ready to go to the next level of success in your work with Spirit, and yet you feel stuck – like something is holding you back. Perhaps the accuracy and quality of your mediumship has levelled-off, maybe a difficult reading has made you lose confidence, or perhaps your phone is not quite ringing off-the-hook with clients. You know you need to get out of this rut and out of your comfort zone, but you’re not sure how. I can help you find you’re blindspot and support you as you release your blocks, so that you can breakthrough to the next level of accuracy, healing impact and success in your mediumship.

Have you experienced any of the following?

  1. You’ve received some truly amazing and accurate information from Spirit, but you’re not sure why it only happens sometimes, and you’re ready to discover what you need to do to bring these amazing messages through consistently.
  2. People are asking you for readings. You want to get up and publicly demonstrate your mediumship but you’re scared. You lack confidence. You keep avoiding amazing opportunities to work and you’re not sure why. And even when you do reluctantly say ‘yes’ you know the fear and anxiety is causing you to hold back, and is affecting the quality of the message because you’re afraid to say what you’re really getting. And now you’re SO READY to overcome the fear once-and-for-all, and get on with the life-changing work you came here to do.
  3. You have clients, you’re doing your thing, but you’re swamped with work, your clients are staying longer than they should, you’re being underpaid because you haven’t put your prices up in years…or ever! And the book you’re working on has been sitting, unfinished, on your desktop for months. You’re tired, you’re drained, you’re procrastinating, and you’ve lost the lustre you once felt for your work with Spirit. You know that NOW is the time to get that glow – that energy – back. It’s time to confidently work with amazing clients, in your own unique way, whilst creating more abundance and having more time.

Your Miraculous Mediumship Breakthrough Session is a 3 hour, 1:1 coaching intensive with me, Lauren Robertson. Before your session, you will be invited to complete an in-depth welcome packet (your coaching really begins here). You will then be asked to select a time for your session. Your transformative breakthrough session will be conducted via zoom (you’ll be provided with a link to attend our meeting) and your session will be recorded for you, so you can listen back at your convenience, in bed, on the go or in the car.

Book your session now and step into your most Miraculous Mediumship!

Here’s what my past clients have had to say about their intensives…


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