• Do you feel confident, relaxed and assertive each and every time you work with a client?


  • Are you consistently able to receive healing, life-changing and powerful information for your recipients?


  • Are you thrilled with the number of clients you have and your income?


  • Are you happy and confident when presenting your services to the world?


  • If you did not answer YES! to each of the above questions then you have not yet reached the level of success and fulfilment you and your clients deserve.

My Intuitive Work Was Laced With Anxiety

I know how you feel. Just a few years ago I was lost, confused and felt stuck in my intuitive work: Although I loved doing psychic work and mediumship, each experience was laced with anxiety. I wasn’t confident about what I was saying to my client, I was scared to say anything too detailed or specific and I dreaded the embarrassment of my client saying ‘no’ whilst looking at me blankly – and although my readings were mostly accurate, I felt that I was stuck in a loop of fear, anxiety, wavering confidence and limitation.


I KNEW that I could help my clients on a deeper level; I knew that I had it in me to see and feel the TRUTH of what they really needed – but my fear kept me from diving boldly and lovingly with my clients, and so my work, although accurate, scratched only the surface.


The fears and hesitations that I had whilst working with clients spilled over into how I presented my work too. I was afraid to promote myself, reluctant to receive payment, worried about what my clients thought / would say about me, and I felt unable to relax or enjoy working with them because the pressure of ‘saying the right thing’ and pleasing them was pushing down on me.


I wanted to speak more boldly, more lovingly, more accurately and more openly with them. I knew that if I did, they would have an amazing experience that would truly help them, and my life would improve as I received more high-quality clients, more referrals and more abundance, doing the work I love.


But I had no idea how to get there. I had no idea how to get out of the restrictive patterns of doubt and fear.

Finally I Saw The Answer

Out of sheer determination to do better for my clients, I embarked on a long process of self-awareness and self-discovery, to find out why I held these negative beliefs, thoughts and feelings about myself and my work, and what I could do to change them.


I discovered, over several years of research, that there are 3 elements required, if you desire to be an amazing, life-changing, loving, impactful and insightful intuitive practitioner (which I know you do ?  )


You must learn a method of working (be it energy work, reading cards, mediumship, intuitive coaching etc)


You must practice and practice on many clients until you become masterful.


…and you must develop yourself, your mind, your self-awareness and your emotions to free yourself from the doubts and limiting beliefs that hold you back.


I had been doing 1 and 2 – but I had not realized the connection between my state of mind, and the quality of my intuitive work.


As soon as I clearly saw the limiting beliefs and fears that were holding me back and learned how to heal and transcend them, my work with clients (and my world) changed forever.

Gratefully Living The Dream

Today, I’m able to give consistently accurate and life-changing messages in my intuitive work, and I feel confident, relaxed and in the presence of grace whilst doing so. I’ve spoken and demonstrated on platforms internationally doing the work of Spirit, and I’ve helped my clients achieve miraculous and lasting change in their lives.


I have a queue of wonderful clients waiting to work with me, I’ve travelled the world speaking about spirituality, I signed a book deal with Hay House and I make a joyful income doing work I love.

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Are You Ready?

You can achieve all this and more too. You can feel confident and relaxed about your work so that serving your clients feels like a miraculous blessing in your life rather than an anxiety-filled chore.


You can consistently deliver amazingly accurate, compassionate and insightful messages that will result in your clients raving about you and a queue of people excited to work with you. Names, dates, facts and details only the client would know are available to you.


You can go deeper with your clients, do more profound work, be known for excellence and work towards writing that book, speaking in front of audiences, travelling the world, and living a glorious life.



There are lots of excellent courses and books that will teach you the theory of your chosen intuitive practice.


And there are lots of opportunities to practice on clients in courses, circles and online…


But Activate Your Higher Power is the only program that uses high-level coaching techniques to empower you to become self-aware so that you can address and heal the blocks that are standing in your way of success.

Introducing Activate Your Higher Power

Activate Your Higher Power is an 8 week audio coaching program, taught live by me, that will empower you to:



  • Overcome fear and self-doubt about your abilities once and for all so that you can confidently and consistently give amazingly accurate information to your clients whilst doing deeper and more profound work with them.




  • Learn how to set meaningful goals in your development, rather than wandering aimlessly, and create a plan to achieve them so that you can take your intuitive skills to the next level, work with more clients, get booked to speak and finally begin being seen as the trusted expert you desire to be.




  • Develop feelings of self-love, self-respect and worthiness to work with Spirit so that you become fully available for miracles to happen through you.




  • Banish fear, hesitation, the feeling of being ‘not good enough’ and other limiting beliefs, so that you can feel confident, relaxed and assertive when working with your clients.




  • Go to the next level with the accuracy, impact and influence of your work. Your clients will be amazed, and their time with you will be deeply healing and life-changing.




  • Discover effective and nurturing practices to care for yourself as a vessel for Spirit – increased abundance, joy and opportunity will flow into your life as a result of this.




  • Learn the techniques, strategies and practice that I personally use to keep my intuitive work fun, fresh, light and life-affirming.




  • Become confident and strong in your gifts, your worth, and the true value you bring to your clients.


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The Programme

Modules 1-4


    • Together, we’ll take a clear and honest look at where you’re at in your intuitive practice, and in your life more generally. We’ll discuss both your strengths and the areas that need further TLC. If you want to get somewhere, you have to know where you’re starting from!
    • (90 minutes – 60 teaching, 30 Q&A + your module 1 worksheet plus session recording)


    • Have you ever thought about what you want from your intuitive abilities?
      This week’s session will focus on helping you get clear on your desires, both in your work and in your life, and supporting you as you work to manifest them.
    • (90 minutes – 60 teaching, 30 Q&A + your module 2 worksheet plus recording)


    • In this week’s session. we will identify and heal the limiting beliefs that are restricting your flow, so that you can effortlessly and consistently receive powerful information in your intuitive work.
    • (90 minutes – 60 teaching, 30 Q&A + your module 3 worksheet plus recording)


    • Learn to think of yourself and your abilities with courage, love and appreciation that is both genuine and sincere, not from a place of ego. This is a key missing piece in most people’s development that causes your abilities to be inconsistent. We’re not talking about saying ‘love + light’ and burning incense – we’re talking about something much deeper. Achieving self-love and self-respect is the key to clear intuition.
    • (90 minutes – 60 teaching, 30 Q&A + your module 4 worksheet plus recording)

Modules 5-8


    • We fear getting it wrong so we don’t go for the details (like names and dates). We fear success so we don’t put ourselves out there. We can’t say no even when we want to so we do things that are out of alignment. We can’t say yes to the miracles we really want for ourselves because we look after others and dis-count ourselves and so we live with less than miracles. In this module, we’re going to change all that.
    • (90 minutes – 60 teaching, 30 Q&A + your module 5 worksheet plus recording)


    • Your habits thus far have got you this far – if you want different results you have to spend your time differently. Your intuition requires space and time to grow. We can help it along by creating the right conditions. In this module, I’ll show you how.
    • (90 minutes – 60 teaching, 30 Q&A + your module 6 worksheet plus recording)


    • So you want to speak from the stage?…be thought of as an expert intuitive advisor?…write a book?…invent your own healing modality? It’s time to take those wishes and turn them into reality. Together, we’ll create a plan to make it happen.
    • (90 minutes – 60 teaching, 30 Q&A + your module 7 worksheet plus recording)


    • I am here for you. We can do practice readings, role-plays, coaching, recapping or trying something new. This session is reserved for your needs.
    • (90 minutes – 60 teaching, 30 Q&A + your module 8 worksheet plus recording)

Bonus Content


    • This is an intuitive development training like you’ve never experienced before where YOU, your wellness, and your ability to see yourself clearly, with acceptance and love is at the heart of your success. You will receive personalised attention and coaching, which you may never have experienced before. So I’d love to offer you a pre-course training call – The Art of Being Coached – which will set you up for success.

  • 1:1

    • Coaching Session
    • The first 20 people to enrol on Activate Your Higher Power will receive 1 hour private 1:1 coaching with me (valued at £300). This is where we can dig deep into your specific questions, desires, beliefs and life experience to create dramatic and lasting success. This session is dedicated to your needs. The only agenda is your happiness.

  • The early bird investment for Activate Your Higher Power is only £297.


  • You may be wondering why the course is so affordable. If you know me, you’ll know private coaching with me is a premium investment.


  • I wanted to create a program that would give you an amazing amount of value, whilst being well within the realms of affordability for anyone who’s serious about doing this transformative work.


  • This is the one and only time that Activate Your Higher Power will be available at this amazing price. This is an early bird special price – the price goes up to £597 on Wednesday 21st September.

Why Work With Me?

Helping you change your mindset as a means to enhance your intuitive work is my area of expertise. I have been a professional psychic medium for 13 years,  I am a Divine Living trained coach and mentor and I hold a Master of Arts degree in philosophy, specializing in consciousness, philosophy of mind and the emotions.

Are You Experiencing Hesitation And Resistance Right Now?

I know how you feel. I closed my eyes when I hit ‘sign up’ on the program that changed my life. I almost didn’t do it.


Our minds are naturally resistant to change – but it’s the same fear and uncertainty you’re feeling right now that’s been holding you back in your intuitive work.


Make the decision to transcend it.
How much longer are you going to allow yourself to do your amazing work from a place of fear and doubt? How much longer are you going to tolerate not enjoying your gifts?


What could be a more important investment than this? By signing up for Activate Your Higher Power, you’re investing in yourself, your future and your success. Your declaring that you are worthy of investment.


In just 8 short weeks you’ll have all the tools you need to take your beloved intuitive work to the next level – this is a relatively small investment of time and money for a lifetime of increased joy, abundance and deeper work with your clients.


If you’re an intuitive professional, and you make an investment to become the best you can be, it shows the Universe that you take your work seriously. Better clients, greater abundance and more rewarding experiences arise when we let the Universe know we’re prepared for them.


Sign Up for Activate Your Higher Power Now!


Thank you for your trust – I appreciate you deeply, I believe in your greatness, and I’m so excited to support you at this important stage of your journey!

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