About Me

Lauren Robertson is a speaker, is a Spirit communicator and transformational coach who wants to give you sleepless nights because you’re too excited about your own life.

Training as a psychic medium from age 14, Lauren has helped tens-of-thousands of people explore their spirituality, find important answers, and overcome difficult emotions to live freer and happier lives.

Lauren channelled her intuitive abilities into coaching as a way to empower her clients to find their own answers. She studied consciousness, the emotions and philosophy of mind at University of Glasgow and holds an MA Hons. in literature and philosophy. She is a Divine Living trained coach and has spoken on platforms all over the world.

Lauren’s experiences as a medium have dramatically shaped her philosophy:

‘My greatest passion is to help people live, liberated from the fear of death and the pain of loss. What could you accomplish in life if you believed you could not be harmed? How much more deeply could you love yourself, your life, and others, if you knew that love is permanent and cannot be taken away?’

Lauren is a fan of bulldogs, Italy and ridiculously expensive shoes.

Her debut book The Medium in Manolos will be published by Hay House in November 2017.

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