How to leverage your speaking events to rapidly and easily build your email list.

If you’re serious about becoming a moving and inspiring speaker who shares world-changing ideas and dazzles large audiences, you must get on to building an email list pronto.

Many speakers procrastinate over putting on their first speaking event because they believe they need an email list to get bums in seats.

If you’ve spoken before and you don’t have a list (eh…why not?) then now is the time to create one.

Today, we’re going to challenge the ‘I don’t have a list’ excuse, flip the script, and actually use your speaking event to build your list…by making your event free.

You’ll probably have seen countless opt-ins online (mine is here). An opt-in is a free sample of a service-provider’s work to entice potential clients to become clients.

Offering your live, in-person event as a free event is the ULTIMATE opt-in. People will flock to come if your title is compelling, your subject matter is valuable and because it’s free.

Set your opt-in sequence such that everyone who attends can attend for free, but they have to register with their email address. By doing this, we’re using your live event to build your list with extremely qualified leads.

Because they’re going to meet you in person, your audience will get to know, like and trust you more quickly, leading to a better open and click rate for your future marketing emails, and more audience members becoming clients more quickly.

The ‘free event’ model has worked amazingly well for me. I’ve experienced hundreds and hundreds of people piling onto my email list overnight by offering them a seat at my event in exchange for their email address and permission to market to them. And many of them have become wonderful clients that I’ve enjoyed a long and successful professional relationship with.


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About the Author

Lauren Robertson headshotLauren Robertson MA Hons. is a best-selling Hay House author, international speaker, and certified speaker coach for female entrepreneurs.


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