How to fill your speaking events if you have a small or non-existent email list.

I peeked out from behind the curtain and saw that the room was filled to the rafters with people sitting and standing in the aisles.

I was about to step on stage to give one of the most important speaking engagements of my life. The commissioning editor from Hay House had come from London to hear my talk, and my performance that evening would make-or-break my dream of having my book published with Hay House.

I gasped as I suddenly realised I couldn’t see her anywhere, and that there was no seat available for my special guest.

A hotel staff member approached me.

‘If one more person turns up we’ll have to move your event into the ballroom.’ She said.

One more person did turn up (my commissioning editor) and fortunately we were able to find a seat for her without having to shift 120 people into a different room on an already tight schedule.

I was delighted with how many people turned up to hear me speak, and I was even more delighted to discover that Hay House said ‘yes’ to my book.

You might think that to create an audience of this size takes a lot of money, a lot of time, a massive email list, and an intense PR campaign.

I want to let you know that I created an audience of 120 people with none of those things, and to encourage you that you can do the same.

One question that comes up again and again in my community and with my Speaker Superstar clients is: ‘How can I attract a sizeable audience and get started as a speaker if I don’t have a list?’

To begin answering this question, we must first define what we mean by ‘sizeable audience’.

Are you going to fill a theatre with 2500 people at your first speaking event? Probably not.

If, however, you’re hell-bent on becoming a speaker, who will one day command an audience of 2500, that is absolutely possible. It’s simply a matter of getting started. All you need is an interesting subject that your ideal audience members want to know about and a phone / internet connection.

If it’s your first time at the rodeo, 20 people is a sizeable audience, and your speaking event should be free for your audience to attend.

You could get 20 people to come and hear you speak by lifting the phone or going through your Facebook friends and personally inviting them.

If you have the burning desire to speak but you don’t have a list, you have to get resourceful, mobilize your network, and work with your existing contacts.

This is how I got started with putting on my own speaking events. I took care to think of who my talk would best serve and I personally invited them. If you want 20 people to turn up, pick up the phone to 30 people who are your ideal audience members / clients (a third will say ‘no’ or won’t show).

Then, you’re going to dazzle them with your talk.

Let them know you’re going to do the talk again in 6 weeks, and that the content will be different. Ask each of them to bring a friend next time.

Commit to following up, and your second audience will be 40+ people – half of which already know and love you, and half of which are there on a glowing recommendation.

By the end of your second talk, those 40 people are absolutely thrilled with the ways you helped, motivated and inspired them, and when they come back in 6 weeks, they will have told all their friends and your event will be full!

Momentum. Momentum leads to exponential growth. Get started right where you stand. Decide on your talk topic and pick up the phone. You’re only a few phone calls away from your first live audience.


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