Effortlessly Attract an Amazing Audience: 3 Secrets to Creating a Talk Title that Sells your Event for You!

Effortlessly Attract an Amazing Audience: 3 Secrets to Creating a Talk Title that Sells your Event for You!

Quick question: What made you decide to read this blog post?

If it was the title then you’ve just experienced the power of a compelling title. The title of this blog post made you stop what you were doing, exclude everything else from your attention, and invest your most valuable resource – time.

When you’re building your career as a speaker, the titles of your talk are EVERYTHING – especially if you’re looking to create an audience of people who don’t know you. The title has to sell your talk to them. It has to be so compelling, so desirable and so on point with their pain and desires that they MUST attend your talk come HELL OR HIGH WATER!! That’s how powerful and important your talk title is – it’s potentially the one piece of copy real estate that will develop a complete stranger into a dream client in a short amount of space and time.

Let’s look at the anatomy of the title of this blog post. You can take the same elements that drew you to read this, and apply them to your talk title to create a title that sells your event for you.

Effortlessly Attract an Amazing Audience: 3 Secrets to Creating a Talk Title that Sells your Event for You

‘Effortlessly’ – this is a promise that what you’re about to read will make your life easier. Your clients also want their lives to be made easier.

‘Attract an Amazing Audience’ – Speakers tell me they worry about how to fill their speaking events, so the title speaks directly to their problem, plus, the alliteration of A adds to the feeling of ease.

‘3 Secrets’ – Numbers in titles encourage participation because readers (or in your case, audience members) can quantify what to expect…and what will be expected of them. ‘Just 3, ok cool, I have time for that / I can manage that’. ‘Secrets’ implies knowledge that no-one else has.

‘Creating a Talk Title’ – this is the skill / information on offer. Again, it’s something that speakers tell me they have difficulty with so it’s an attractive piece of information.

‘…That Sells your Event for You’ – Again, I’m tapping into the worry that new speakers have about how they’ll raise attendance at their events. Plus it taps into the fear of selling that puts many potential speakers off. What I’m saying here is that when you have the information in this blog, filling your event and selling will be easy and effortless!

In a nutshell, here are the 3 secrets:

  1. Use numbers – ‘5 steps’, ‘3 secrets’, ‘7 pillars’ etc.
  2. Know your audience well and promise to relieve their pain and give them the solution to their problem.
  3. Use confident, exciting and enticing language – let your audience know your talk is something special to get excited about!



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