3 Tried and True Strategies for Overcoming Fear of Speaking (so you can own the stage with authentic confidence)

3 Tried and True Strategies for Overcoming Fear of Speaking (so you can own the stage with authentic confidence)



‘…but I don’t have an email list’

‘How will I get anyone to come?’

‘I’m not experienced enough yet’

‘What would I talk about?’


These ‘legitimate reasons’ for delaying speaking from the stage are really just excuses.

They’re succeeding at excusing you from speaking because speaking is uncomfortable and scary, and part of you doesn’t really want to handle the vulnerability and visibility that goes along with it.

I know how frustrating and confusing it can feel to have a message within you that you were born to share, and at the same time, to fear actually standing up in front of people and sharing it.

Fear of speaking wears all kinds of cute costumes to convince you why NOW is not the right time to begin (or explode) your speaking career.

It’s tragic.

People are NOT getting helped because you’re convinced you’re ‘not ready’.

…and your fear is leading you to believe you have all the time in the world to make this happen. When in reality, NOW is all you have.

I remember my first speaking event like it was yesterday. I had to get up and give a presentation about angels to an audience of 100 people, and I was just 16 years old. I was so scared I wanted to die.

Fast forward to today and I’ve spoken to audiences of thousands on stages all over the world. I still get nerves and butterflies because I want to do a good job, but the fear is gone. Being on stage and vibing with my audience is my happy place.

You too can get to that happy place, but you must get started, get through that wall of fear, and not procrastinate a moment longer. To support you in getting over your fear, and taking to the stage where you belong, here are my top 3 tried-and-true tips for overcoming fear of speaking.

  1. Less thinking, more doing.

The fear of speaking is really the fear of the thought of speaking. The more action you take towards creating a successful, masterful talk that truly represents your passion, and the more action you take to invent yourself as the speaker you truly desire to be, the less time there is for thinking (and over-thinking). Your talk could always be better, sharper, more compelling. The work is never done. So less thinking and more doing. Just get it booked, get started and get on with it!

  1. Visualize success.

Every morning I spend 10-20 minutes in visualization. I see myself as a confident, powerful and enthusiastic woman, speaking to an audience who are inspired and moved by my talk. My screensaver on my phone and laptop is a blonde woman rocking a stadium full of people. My vision board is pinned next to my bed, where I see it first thing in the morning, and it’s COVERED with happy audiences of various sizes. Visualize. It keeps your mind focused on what you DO want, and why you’re doing this, instead of fretting about what you don’t want. Plus, it works.

  1. Study speakers you admire.

Who is speaking in a way that you admire? Study them. Watch their videos on Youtube. Go and see them live if you can. What are they doing that’s inspiring you, moving you or elevating you? Study them, extract their technique and make it your own. What’s available for them is available for you too. And, get this, you can only admire in them what is already within you.

Fear will keep you going round and around the maze of self-doubt. Consistent action towards your goal is the ladder that allows you to climb atop the maze and see the way out. Take action towards your dream of being a powerful and respected speaker NOW.




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