Should we fear bad spirits?

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I receive several emails per month from people who have mediumistic experiences, but are afraid to explore or develop them in case they encounter ‘bad spirits’. I have never in my years as a medium, come across a ‘bad spirit’. And I think that’s because I don’t believe in them. What I do believe is that we all have a light side and a shadow side, and when we pass to spirit, the complexity of our personalities and the lives we lived goes with us. The kindest person you know has the capacity to be cruel, and the cruellest person you can think of was once an innocent baby with no say in their genetics or early-life influences.

You, as the medium, get to choose the kind of personalities you want to align with, by choosing your own mindset. Those you connect with are a reflection of some aspect of your own self, your own beliefs, and your own relationship to fear and love. If you believe you are deeply troubled and fearful, then your mental mediumship will be deeply troubled and fearful. If you are loving and open-hearted, and you believe in the good in others, then that will be your experience of spirit. This is why your personal development journey is key to the quality and healing impact of your mediumship – because it’s your responsibility, as the medium, to be somebody who confidently handles love, who knows what healing feels like, is equipped to believe in the good in others and in their own worthiness as a conduit for it. That is what will make your mediumship exceptional.


The above is an excerpt from my book The Medium in Manolos: A Life-affirming Guide to Modern Mediumship (Hay House) it’s available now. Click here to get your copy and keep on reading!

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