How to receive names from people in Spirit in your mediumship.

Receiving the communicator’s first and surnames is the holy grail of mediumship. But why do many of us find it so difficult, and is there anything we can do to receive names more easily? In this video, I share my top 3 tips for receiving names from Spirit.

About Lauren… Lauren Robertson is a Spirit communicator, author, and transformational coach. In addition to passionately demonstrating and speaking about mediumship, Lauren specializes in helping mediums and intuitive practitioners unlock new levels of insight, confidence and success in their work.

As a Millennial woman, growing up on a steady diet of Sex and the City and Vogue magazine, The Medium in Manolos seemed an appropriate title for Lauren’s first book, published by Hay House. As the title suggests, her love for mediumship is matched only by her love for designer shoes. She lives in the West of Scotland countryside with her fiancé and two fur babies.

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