4 Self-care Strategies for More Accurate Mediumship

I lit my favourite candles, made myself a hot chocolate and snuggled into the sofa, Buckley the bulldog on my lap and my favourite throw over my shoulders, as we settled down to watch Lord of the Rings.

‘I’m tired Gandalf,’ said Bilbo.

‘I feel thin, like butter spread over too much bread.’

I nodded and raised my eyebrows, as I brought my hot chocolate to my lips, identifying completely with the feeling Bilbo described. Bilbo’s tiredness was caused by carrying around The One Ring for too long; mine had been caused by overworking as a medium, and not taking good enough care of myself.

It seems obvious now, but it was a good few years into my career as a medium before I realised there was a relationship between how well I felt, and the quality of my mediumship.

As spiritual practitioners we spend so much time giving of ourselves, we can often forget to give to ourselves. The irony is that, when we finally begin to look after ourselves, we find we have more to give to others.

To provide you with a little inspiration, I wanted to share with you four ways that you can care for yourself as a medium, which will improve the accuracy and clarity of your mediumship to boot!

  1. Clean up your relationships

The ease with which we communicate with Spirit is a direct reflection of the ease we feel around living people. If we want to enhance the clarity and accuracy of our mediumship, one thing we can do is clean up our relationships with our family, friends and colleagues.

Who do you need to forgive?

Who is overdue a call from you?

Who’s waiting for you to confirm an arrangement with them?

Who do you need to apologise to?

Take action to create harmony in your personal relationships. When you feel a loving connection to those around you, this will transfer to your relationships with people in Spirit.

  1. Take a meaningful day off

More is not necessarily more when it comes to spiritual work. Often, more leads to burnout. With mediumship, aim for quality over quantity, punctuated with lots of rest and fun. Too often, mediums only take breaks if they are burnt-out or sick, but rest is an important part of maintaining your connection to Spirit, and preventing burnout and illness in the first place!

Take a meaningful day off and spend it doing things that are fun, restorative and restful to you. I love to go into the city to browse vintage clothes shops and antique stores, in search of hidden treasure. This is usually followed by a slow, luxuriant visit to my favourite organic fruit and veg shop, where I touch and smell everything (I particularly love the smell of freshly dug beets with dirt still on them!) before selecting a few things for a green juice and my evening meal.

  1. Maintain your Boundaries

When you say ‘yes’ to something, or someone, when it’s really a ‘no’ for you, it creates an energy drain that can be difficult to plug. When you conserve your energy by saying ‘yes’ only when you mean it, and dispensing ‘no’ when that answer is true for you, your energy will be redirected to your mediumship, creating greater feeling and clarity in your communication. And, by having healthy boundaries in life, you also create healthy boundaries with people in Spirit. Good news for those of you who feel ‘overcrowded’ by Spirit sometimes.

  1. Make a plan to receive / experience something you really, really want

Be good to yourself. Bring one of your dreams to the fore and finally make a plan to make it happen. When you finally take that trip, buy the shoes, order the meal you really want instead of the cheapest, or make an appointment to get that massage, you’ll be astonished at how replenished you feel. And when your cup is full, you’ll have more to give in your mediumship.

Now, I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and answer this question:

Which self-care strategy are you going to implement this week?


About the Author

Lauren Robertson is a Spirit communicator, author, and transformational coach. In addition to passionately demonstrating and speaking about mediumship, Lauren specializes in helping mediums and intuitive practitioners unlock new levels of insight, confidence and success in their work.

Lauren has served tens-of-thousands of people in her capacity as medium and has spoken on UK and international platforms. She holds a Master of Arts degree in philosophy and English literature, specializing in The Mind and approaches to understanding consciousness.



As a Millennial woman, growing up on a steady diet of Sex and the City and Vogue magazine, The Medium in Manolos seemed an appropriate title for Lauren’s first book, published by Hay House (click here to buy). As the title suggests, her love for mediumship is matched only by her love for designer shoes.

She lives in the West of Scotland countryside with her fiancé and two fur babies.

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