Does your mediumship drain you? How to turn exhaustion to energy.


I love working with Spirit, on platform and in 1:1, but there have been times when my mediumship has felt draining. There have been times when my usual energy and enthusiasm has gone MIA, and I’ve felt like a tired space-cadet.

I’ve sometimes found myself thinking ‘that last client drained me’, but lately, I’ve come to realise that it’s not my client that’s draining me. Whenever I’ve felt drained doing mediumship, it’s been because of one thing and one thing only: I’ve felt fear instead of love.

I was afraid my client wouldn’t be happy with what I gave her so I kept over-delivering and I felt drained.

I was afraid to look like an amateur in front of a large audience so I pushed a message on someone that couldn’t take it and I felt drained.

I was scared to offend my client by saying ‘this isn’t really working for me’ and so I drudged my way through the reading and I felt drained.

If your mediumship is draining you, it’s a blessing, because it’s inviting you to ask the question:

‘What am I fearful of?’

About the Author

Lauren Robertson is a medium, a coach for mediums and a Hay House author. She specialises in helping Spirit communicators achieve accuracy, confidence and excellence in their work with Spirit. Combining compassion with a dash of Scottish humour, Lauren has conducted over 30,000 1:1 sessions, and taught and demonstrated mediumship all over the world.

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