Your Happiness: The Secret to an Amazing Connection with Spirit.


To be able to deliver messages on behalf of people in Spirit that are consistently accurate, healing and uplifting is the Holy Grail of mediumship. We go to workshops, read books, watch other mediums, and attend development circles, in the hopes that we’ll finally find the answer to consistency and confidence in our mediumship.

Sometimes it can be a frustrating and unhappy search because in looking for perfection, we are chasing a ghost – the phantom ‘perfect message’.

When we chase perfection, it is implied that our mediumship is lacking. When we focus on what is lacking in our mediumship, our perceived lack expands, the problem becomes exponential, and perfection grows ever-more distant. Sometimes, focusing on lack in our mediumship also draws our attention to what else is lacking in our lives, pulling us further and further away from the feeling of easeful union and connection we experience when we’re at our natural best in our mediumship.

It’s a brutal irony that the search for perfection in our mediumship is the very thing that draws us away from the perfection we believe we want.

The search for ‘perfection’ in your mediumship will not make you happy. Conversely, it is the state of being happy, that will bring consistency and miraculous wonderment into your mediumship.

Do not seek to be a perfect medium so that you can be happy – seek to be happy and you will arrive at miracles in your mediumship.

Miraculous mediumship comes through practise, yes, but it does not come through struggle or frantic searching.

Call off the search for perfection. Focus instead on creating consistent happiness in each moment as it arises, and the best of your mediumship will flow from such moments.

Ask yourself, every morning: ‘What must I do today to feel happy?’

…and when you come to make a choice ask: ‘Is this choice bringing me happiness?’

Stay close to these questions.

When your attention is on your happiness, notice how differently you feel when you work with your recipients, and notice how much more easily the information from Spirit arrives with you and flows from you.



About the Author

Lauren Robertson is a medium, a coach for mediums and a Hay House author. She specialises in helping Spirit communicators achieve accuracy, confidence and excellence in their work with Spirit. Combining compassion with a dash of Scottish humour, Lauren has conducted over 30,000 1:1 sessions, and taught and demonstrated mediumship all over the world.

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