What would happen if you stopped criticizing your mediumship?

There is a problem amongst mediums. We have confused humility with self-criticism.

When you do well in your mediumship, it was Spirit that did it, and when you do badly in your mediumship, well, that bit was your fault.

Spirit gets all of the glory, and you get all of the blame.

Such a divide serves to undermine your confidence in your mediumship and keeps you from the deeply accurate, true and life-changing messages you’re capable of.

It is an illusion that Spirit is to thank when mediumship goes well, and you are to blame when it goes wrong.

Because you are Spirit, and Spirit is you.

You are capable of greatness and glory in your communion with Spirit. But if you focus on criticizing yourself and your work, greatness will elude you because you make yourself small and unworthy.

What would happen if you simply stopped criticizing yourself and your mediumship, and focused on what you did well, and what you want to do well, instead?

Being happy with your mediumship is not arrogant, and being critical of yourself is not humble.

Letting the full glory of Spirit work through you, and recognizing when it does, is humble.

Show your humility in your gratitude for the amazing messages you give, instead of through self-criticism, and your mediumship will flourish. When you are grateful for what you have, thankful for what you can do, and focused on the ways you work well, you will be given so much more to be grateful for.

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About the Author

Lauren Robertson is a medium, a coach for mediums and a Hay House author. She specialises in helping Spirit communicators achieve accuracy, confidence and excellence in their work with Spirit. Combining compassion with a dash of Scottish humour, Lauren has conducted over 30,000 1:1 sessions, and taught and demonstrated mediumship all over the world.

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