A Manifesto of Encouragement



Your success is coming. It’s right around the corner, I promise you.

I know you’ve been working hard, using all your energy, giving it everything you’ve got, and it only seems to get you one inch closer. But it only seems that way. It’s working – under the surface, under the ground, unseen, it’s working.

An explosion of clients, opportunity, abundance, adventure, joy and success is about to pop – and so you must keep going.

You’ve wondered, lately, if anyone cares. If what you’re doing even matters, if you’re ever going to change the world to align with the vision that’s in your heart, or if it’s all just a dream. I’m here to tell you that what you do matters. YOU matter. The transformation your clients experience has a positive ripple effect that reaches further than you can imagine.

You have so much to give. So much love in your heart. There is so much knowledge, experience, and generosity bursting out of you. But when there’s not enough clients, and not enough clarity, your highest-self, your zone of genius, your Spirit-given gifts begin to pace back and forth like a tiger in a cage, with no room to roam and no release. Longing for freedom, contribution and expression, you sit at your computer, frustrated, trying to figure out what to do next.

Let the following word be the key that unlocks you; the oil that gets you unstuck:


Be of service.

Go boldly with a generous heart and an energized Spirit and GIVE to those whose lives you’re here to enliven. Don’t wait for them to validate you with payment, change their lives NOW and compensation will come.


You have so much love to give, so give it.

You have so much knowledge to share, so share it.

You want to make a contribution so do it and do it now…

Tomorrow’s not guaranteed.

Tired? Disappointed? Uninspired?

It doesn’t matter. Feel those feelings, and serve generously anyway.

You will find that the more you give, the more you have to give. The more you love, the more love grows wild in your heart. When you BEGIN to use your energy to BE your purpose NOW, you’ll find that the energy will arise to keep going.

To receive as a spiritual entrepreneur, give, and let others receive.

The joy, transformation, healing, love and knowledge you dispense will transform and return to you tenfold, in money, opportunity, adventure, gratitude and other riches.


Get out of your own way and give. Get out of your own fear, and love. Get out of lack and provide. Get out of resistance and shine. Be generous with your expertise. It’s on waves of kindness that plenty is carried to you. The foundations of strong businesses are relationships. The foundation of a strong relationship is generosity. So give. Give freely. Give your very best ideas, your energy and your time. Give consistently.

Show them you care and watch your business thrive.

It’s time for your people to see what you’re really made of, and it’s time for you to change the world. Choose one thing to create, one person to serve, one act of generosity and begin.



Lauren Robertson is a Spirit communicator and transformational coach specialising in helping spiritual entrepreneurs live miraculous lives whilst making a contribution to the world.

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