The secret to having sales conversations that are elegant, easy and authentic.


If you’re a coach, consultant or service provider, there comes a point when you have to sell your services to your prospective client.

And so often, this can feel painful, awkward, embarrassing or downright fear-inducing, because in selling our precious services, we feel like we’re selling ourselves.

Mastering your sales conversation is essential to your business (because if you can’t sell, you have no business)…

…But it is also a vital component of caring for your client. You owe it to them to inspire confidence, trust and leadership as you make the decision to embark on important and intimate work together. Start the way you mean to go on by handling the initial agreement and transaction with confidence, gratitude and grace.

Sales conversations can be scary for a whole host of reasons: Fear of rejection, a need for money, uncertainty about yourself and your offering, and being worried about ‘taking’ money from your client are some of the main culprits.

The fear of valuing and selling our services is usually tied up in the fear that we are not worthy.

I enjoy having sales conversations with my clients because it’s an opportunity for me to ask them powerful questions and support them, whether they decide to work with me or not – and usually they say yes because they can feel that I really care, and that I really am the best person to help them.

You are the best person to help your clients too, and by not selling masterfully (or at all!) you deny them the meaningful support they need.

I have been selling my personal services as a coach, consultant and mentor for several years, and I wasn’t always good at it.

But over time, a few things clicked into place that allowed me to sell with confidence, ease and enjoyment, and I want to share these with you now. My aim is to help you represent your hard work, commitment to your clients, and desire to serve clearly and confidently in your sales conversation (no icky-ness required).

These tips are super-simple but will make all the difference to your sales conversation if you implement them.

So here it is: The secret to having sales conversations that are elegant, easy and authentic (and which convert into lots of lovely clients).

1. Know your client intimately.

The success of your sales conversation is determined looooonngg before you get on the call / into an interview with someone.

Know your ideal client very well. Know exactly what they need and the language they use to describe it. Offer something they really desire which clearly takes them away from pain and towards pleasure. Master speaking to your people and honing your message.

If you do this, you should be progressively speaking to more and more perfect clients, and the yes’s should be getting closer and closer together.

If you know your client well enough, you don’t have to sell to them. It’s an obvious choice that they need to work with you if you genuinely have the solution to their problem.

In this instance, your sales call becomes about getting to know your client, being interested in them, and having fun exploring the transformation they’re going to make.

So focus not on ‘selling’ but on knowing your client inside out and being the best choice for him or her.


2. Act as if you have £10,000,000 in the bank.

I have a post-it stuck to my laptop that says ‘I have £10,000,000 in the bank’. The reason for this is so that I come to the sales conversation completely free from the need to earn money.

If you feel needy and desperate, you are not in your power and, more importantly, you are not focused on what’s best for the client.

What would you say, do, and ask your potential client if you had 10 Mill in the bank?

How easily could you listen?

How relaxed would you be if you didn’t need the sale?

How deeply could you give if you weren’t focused on the hunger of requiring money?

This is the space in which yes’s happen.

This simple practice of a daily 10 Mill meditation and post-it has worked miracles in my business – try it.

3. Come from a place of service and generosity.

Sincere service and unconditional generosity make people want to work with you: FACT.

Your sales call is not a sales call – it’s a Divine opportunity for you to make a difference in someone’s life.

When you have earned the right to ask them if they’d like to continue changing their life with your help (and this is as salesy as you ever need go) you’ll know. You’ll just feel it. It will be natural.

Give them space and focus on their life, their needs, their dreams, their problems, and your insecurities will disappear.

4. Ask amazing questions and listen carefully.

You may be the only person that day, that week, that year…EVER who’s asked her:

‘What do you want?’ ‘How do you want to feel?’ What would make you happy?’

Celebrate the preciousness of that opportunity. Get great at asking powerful questions to your potential clients that allow them to have breakthroughs right there and then, and to continue working with you will become the only choice.


5. Don’t sell – create an easy decision for your client.

The decision to work with you becomes easy for your client when:

You are confident in your abilities, yourself and the amount of money you’re asking for. Practice saying this amount out loud until it becomes warm and natural.

Your offering is well aligned with their needs.

You have demonstrated what it will be like to work with you (in a generous way, not in a giving-away-free-stuff insecure way)

You feel wealthy and don’t need the client.

You are masterful at putting them at ease in the conversation because you’ve had lots and lots of practice (all sales calls are valuable, even the ones that complete as a ‘no’).



See? She is so freakin’ happy to pay you because you just rocked her world!


The TRUTH is that you have a passionate and beautiful skill, and your client has a need for that skill to achieve something important in his or her life. So inviting them to exchange money for your skill is a situation in which everyone wins and everyone’s life becomes richer. Happy Days. 🙂

Keep this truth in focus and your sales calls will become elegant, easy and authentic.


Now tell me in a comment: What’s your one biggest takeaway from this post?
What one new idea are you going to implement to improve your sales conversations (and conversions!)?

Are you looking to hire a coach or mentor who can help you increase your confidence in your sales conversations, whilst supporting you in feeling amazing NOW, and helping you turn your most precious goals and dreams into actionable plans?

I love working with motivated, spiritual, visionary and enthusiastic entrepreneurs at all levels of advancement.

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AIC_3262-681x1024Lauren Robertson is a speaker, intuitive consultant and coach who wants to give you sleepless nights because you’re too excited about your own life.

Lauren channelled her intuitive abilities into coaching as a way to empower her clients to find
their own answers.
She studied consciousness, the emotions and philosophy of mind at University of Glasgow and holds an MA Hons. in literature and philosophy. She is a Divine Living trained coach and has spoken on platforms all over the world.

Lauren specialises in coaching visionary entrepreneurs, high-level contributors, spiritual practitioners and impactful creatives.

She is a fan of bulldogs, Italy and ridiculously expensive shoes, and her debut book The Medium in Manolos will be published by Hay House in November 2017.

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