I turned £100 into £3000 in my spiritual business – here’s how I did it.


office-620822_640I should preface the following steps by saying that what I lacked in money I made up for in dedication, determination, a willingness to fail, to learn and to grow, and I worked intensively for an entire month.

What I’m about to share with you is not a get rich quick scheme, but is proof positive that even if you have little to no financial capital, you can bootstrap your way to a beautiful and lucrative business that lights you up inside with just your passion, expertise, guts and heart. (And a healthy helping of blood, sweat and tears! 🙂 )

My business is a spiritual service based business that incorporates intuitive work, coaching, teaching, speaking and writing. The process of transforming £100 into £3000 began with my idea to create a psychic development course that I could teach online to students all over the world.

The following steps detail how I used £100 and transformed it into £3000. I hope that by sharing this with you, you’ll see that it’s totally possible for you to do the same with your spiritual business. Whether you’re in corporate work and desperate to leave to employ yourself in a way that feels joyful for you, or you’re a spiritual practitioner who has knowledge, experience and a desire to serve but is confused about how to put it all together, I hope this explanation inspires you to create the success that’s just waiting for you to claim it.

Step 1: I invested in Mailchimp – £6.99 (Monthly Subscription)

I set up a free mailchimp account. Mailchimp is a service that allows you to create an email list that people who are interested in you and your services can subscribe to. I upgraded to their paid service which allowed me to send automated emails to my subscribers. I had already created the content for my psychic course, so I went to work creating a series of emails that would welcome people onto my list, deliver pre-sale information about the course, the course launch, and the participation details of the course.

Step 2: I invested in Leadpages – £26.02 (Monthly Subscription)

Leadpages is a web page template service that enables you to create all kinds of pages that are shown to convert well for sales. I used an opt-in page to capture my subscribers email addresses, and a thank you page to introduce them to the upcoming psychic development course.

Step 3: I invested in Instantteleseminar – £45 (Monthly Subscription)

I love instantteleseminar. It’s a service that enables you to host an interactive conference call. I used this to teach my class. Instantteleseminar also records your conferences, so I was able to send these recordings out to my course participants using mailchimp which improved the customer experience.

Step 4: I invested in Facebook Ads – £21.99

I spent every last penny I had on highly targeted facebook ads. I already knew my audience very well from my 13 years as a psychic medium so I was able to create an extremely efficient ad. I invested a small amount but it worked amazingly well to get a high number of people on to my email list who were genuinely interested in participating in a psychic development course.


When I linked all these steps together, with amazing content, regular communication with my clients, great quality content on my course and giving the very best I could, I ended up receiving £3000 from course attendees.

I have since turned that £3000 into £21000 by reinvesting it in a similar processes in my business, using different offerings and services, and using the same structure.

This transformation in the income of my spiritual business has occurred in less than a year.

There are lots of alternatives to the services I chose. You should shop around and find out which one is best for you. I am not sponsored by any of the services I mentioned, I’m just telling the truth of what worked for me.

This is Lauren reminding you that you can be spiritual AND successful, if you choose to live that reality NOW!

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