How to overcome guilt about charging for your services.


Oh gosh, I know this struggle well.

Giving a client an amazing service, putting heart and soul into your craft, doing everything you can to see to it that they have the most uplifting experience possible…and then getting all squeamish, hot and embarrassed when it comes time to ask for payment.

Where most businesses accept paypal, credit and debit cards, or cash, you’re accepting candles, a trade, a donation or a testimonial…

Anything except the full price, in cash, that your services are truly worth.

Living with guilt about charging for your services will ruin your spiritual business before you’ve even got started. Guilt makes us make bad decisions. Guilt leads to us undervaluing ourselves, which is repellent to clients. And guilt is so uncomfortable that it causes us to avoid the very tasks we should be doing to help our business flourish.

The guilt and discomfort you feel about charging a healthy price (and receiving it) for your spiritual services is a tricky, slippery goblin.

The guilt is usually not just about taking money from the person standing right in front of you, but is the culmination of a complex web of beliefs, thoughts, fears, experiences, conditioning, societal norms and negative emotions that date back to your early childhood and further.

It’s taken a long time, and a very elaborate and consistent mental process, for you to feel this guilty.



The good news is that just as you have carefully cultivated and maintained a ‘thought garden’ where guilt can grow abundantly, it is possible to dig it up and replant a thought garden where grace, gratitude, abundance, excitement, self-worth and confidence grows.

If you think ‘No one is willing to pay for this’, ‘It’s wrong to charge for spiritual work’, ‘I’m worthless’, ‘I don’t deserve happiness’, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘My clients can’t afford what I want to charge’ etc. and then you try to charge someone for your services, you will experience deep feelings of conflict and guilt because your beliefs and actions are at odds with one another.

If you believe, ‘My clients are excited to pay me for my services’, ‘I am worthy of receiving abundance’, ‘I am grateful for the money I receive in exchange for my services’, ‘I enjoy giving and receiving equally’ etc. and you charge someone for your services, it will feel good because your beliefs are in line with your actions.

So the key to overcoming guilt about charging for your services is to change your beliefs, and we change our beliefs through repetition – consciously repeating a thought or idea until it’s taken up by our subconscious minds.

When I changed the belief ‘I am worthless’ to ‘I am worthy’ my income from my spiritual services increased times ten in one year, simply because my new beliefs caused me to begin taking the actions of a worthy person, rather than a worthless person.

I know that you know your services are actually awesome and transformational, so if you want to start truly believing that you deserve to be paid for them, here’s an exercise to get you started:

What are the top 10 negative beliefs you have about charging money for your services?

Write them down.

What are the positive, opposites of those beliefs?

(For example, my clients can’t afford to pay could be transformed into my clients can easily afford my services and are happy to pay.)

Write them down.

Overcoming guilt about charging for your services is the result of joyfully installing these 10 new positive beliefs in your own mind using repetition.

So you must repeat, in your mind and out loud, these 10 new beliefs all the time, every day, as much as you can. Really feel the emotion of believing that you and your services are deserving and worthy.

Just think how amazing it will feel to live your life as someone who believes ‘My services are excellent, my clients are delighted to pay me, and there is more than enough money in the world for everyone’, as opposed to someone who believes ‘Money is scarce, people don’t want to pay for this, I can’t charge for my services’.

Can you feel, just in this moment, how different your experience of receiving money could be, simply by changing your thinking?

Tell me in a comment, what’s the top negative thought you have about receiving money for your services and what is the positive opposite of this thought?

This is Lauren reminding you that you can be spiritual AND successful, if you choose to live that reality NOW!

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