Receiving my first high-end client – here’s the story of what I did.


I am thrilled to share this post with you because I know that you have talents, skills and abilities that create life-changing transformation for your clients, and that there is a section of your potential client base who is happy to pay a premium rate for the service, outcomes and experience you provide them with.

I spent ages deciding how best to present this post to you (step by step, list, narrative, how to) and I’ve settled on telling my story of how I received my first high-end client.

Before I gratefully received my fist premium rate client (premium rate meaning four-figures for my services) I offered psychic and mediumship readings at £30 for 30 minutes. Receiving this amount of money for such emotional, taxing and high-intensity work  was making me sick, exhausted, drained and stressed. It simply wasn’t enough for me to live on unless I did an amount of work that left me with no quality of life.

So I was either financially afloat and profoundly exhausted, or rich in time and relaxation whilst being financially deficit. I did this for 13 years until I realized it just wasn’t working for me.

The last straw came when two women had booked readings with me and were due to come to my house. I’d cleaned the entire house for their arrival, cleared my schedule to conserve energy for them, cleared my time to accommodate an early arrival or a late finish, spent all morning getting myself ‘in the zone’, making myself presentable for them, going to the shop to pick up tea and biscuits for them and arranging for my partner to be out the house so we wouldn’t be disturbed. This was a regular occurrence whilst studying towards my degree at University.

I poured a glass of water for each of us and waited for the buzzer to signal their arrival. 5 minutes late, nothing. 15 minutes late, nothing. 30 minutes late, nothing. 2 hours after their readings were due to finish, nothing. A complete and utter no-show after my confirming with them the day before and planning my entire day around their arrival.

I was furious, and hurt, and angry. I felt used, abused, under valued, disrespected, frustrated, resentful and sad.

That moment was the best thing that ever happened to me because I decided right then and there that I was unavailable for ever being in that situation ever again. I was as much of an expert as I was ever going to be – I’d done 30,000 readings, demonstrated on platforms all over the world, written for high-profile publications, and I was about to graduate after having studied consciousness, philosophy of mind, and the emotions in the pursuit of being the best psychic medium I could be….and I was still charging prices like I just tentatively began my spiritual career yesterday.



I knew intellectually that I was an expert but no one saw me as an expert because I wasn’t treating myself like one. I was treating myself, pricing my services, and making offerings like I was an uncertain amateur. I saw it clearly then and I knew it had to stop.

Whilst I had been very happy to be of service to those who appreciated my insights and benefited from them over the years, I was also acutely aware that my love, insights, commitment and skills had been long forgotten by many because, well, who remembers or truly cares about something they paid 30 quid for?

A few nights later I was so so ill with a horrible virus…probably the 4th sickest I’ve ever been behind meningitis, swine flu and rotavirus. It was 2am and I couldn’t sleep for sweating and hallucinating, so I got up, made myself some tea and went through to my silent, darkened livingroom, where the question: How are you going to change your relationship with money, and start valuing yourself more? spun through my head.


I closed my eyes and meditated on it for a minute, then I opened up my laptop and searched online for ‘transform my relationship with money’. I scrolled and scrolled until something caught my eye: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (pdf version). Something inside told me to click on it, and I did, and what I read there changed my life.

I stayed up all night and all morning, fluey and feeling horrible, and yet hungrily devouring this text that was like water to my parched and shrivelled sense of self-worth. I felt like I was being personally coached by the Universe and that every question I’d had about how to become the expert was answered clearly, in black and white, right there in front of me.

The text was so rich in instruction, and, over time (I still read Think and Grow Rich every single day) I’ve boiled it down to two ideas that created the foundations upon which receiving my first high-end client would stand (they’re not hugely glamorous but my goodness they have been TRUE!).

1. Beliefs plus desires plus consistent action = results.

2. What you can expect to get paid is the result of how desirable your knowledge is, how good and generous you are at delivering it, and how difficult it would be for your client to have the same experience elsewhere.

If you believe you deserve to receive abundance…

And you have a strong desire for a specific outcome…

And you are willing to take consistent and committed inspired actions towards your goal…

Then you MUST receive the outcome you desire.

If your offering is extremely desirable…

And you are committed to excellence in delivering it…

And you present yourself and your services in such a way that makes it difficult to replace you…

Then you will definitely be able to receive high-end clients. This is a LAW.

After I got to grips with this idea, I set about putting it to work immediately.

I worked on transforming my beliefs about money, my self-worth and the value of my knowledge, I brought my desires front and centre to my consciousness where previously I’d been shoving them down because I couldn’t afford them and it was too painful to think of them. I created a plan that would allow me to give more in value than I took in cash for my services. I consistently reached out to people on facebook and in my community, to ask if I could interview them to ascertain whether they found my offering desirable; how much they’d be willing to pay; and what would make it even more desirable to them. I cared. I really, really cared. I cared about what I was doing, I cared about giving them an excellent service, and I cared about leaving the amateur cocoon and emerging as the expert butterfly.



And then something miraculous happened…

It was December, a few years ago now, and I was speaking with people about my ideas and the service I desired to offer them. I had just finished asking my questions to a lovely stranger from Canada and we were laughing and talking and she said:

‘So can I work with you then? Where do I sign up?’ – my jaw dropped. Someone had just offered to invest ten times what I’d been charging for my readings and I didn’t even have to ask her.

…and then another…

…and then another…

Until, without ever intending to sell anything, I’d received £3000 across a couple of days between Christmas and New Year. It was the most money I’d ever seen.

I rendered my services to them with joy, commitment and enthusiasm, always remembering to give more in usefulness than I took in cash.

And I live by that idea to this day. My offerings, my prices and my talents have evolved since then, but my mission statement remains the same:

I am committed to creating the experience of excellence for my clients, and I always give more in usefulness and love than I take in cash.

There is nothing in my story that is closed to you. If you follow point 1 and point 2 I mentioned earlier, success must come. Take comfort in the certainty of that, and get on with it!

So now, I’d love to hear from you – what is challenging you about receiving high-end clients? Have you read Think and Grow Rich? What will you take and implement from my journey?

This is Lauren reminding you that you can be spiritual AND successful, if you choose to live that reality NOW!

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