This one mistake will cost you your dreams.


Y’know that thing in your heart that you deeply desire…?

Do you believe that Spirit; The Universe; God; or any other force out there would intentionally hold your desires away from you?

I ask  you this because I am increasingly shocked and dismayed at the number of spiritual practitioners who stop working towards their dreams because they believe that ‘it doesn’t feel right’, ‘it’s not meant to be’, ‘I have to sit with it more,’ or, ‘it shouldn’t be this hard if this is what I’m supposed to be doing.’

If you really believe this then you must believe there is some trickster God out there sending you down wrong roads and pulling the rug from under you as you work towards what is in your heart.

Living your dreams is HARD – being HAPPY is difficult in so far as it requires sustained effort – doing something exceptional with your life requires you to be EXTRAORDINARILY DETERMINED.

When you are trying out a new, more expansive, more fulfilled way of being, it’s going to feel awkward, emotional, uncomfortable, difficult, slow, painful and trying. Like having a baby or climbing Everest. Some degree of discomfort is to be expected.

Please do not use Spirit as an excuse for you backing out of your dreams when things get uncomfortable.

The road to your deepest desires has been difficult and uncomfortable because you’ve had to think, say and do things that are WAY out of your comfort zone. That IS expansion. That IS you getting closer. It is NOT a reason to stop.

If you’re not feeling any discomfort then, by definition, you’re snuggled up all safe and warm in your comfort zone.

It’s only when it’s distinctly UN-comfortable that you know you’re stretching and expanding into your dreams, into the life you deserve, into the life your Spirit has mapped out for you in your desires.

If you quit on your dreams, citing ‘If this is what I was meant to be doing then it would be easier’, then you’re using your Divinity as a scapegoat for your giving up.

Spirit wants what you want and is so eager to give it to you, if only you’ll persist in faith.

This is Lauren reminding you that you can be spiritual AND successful, if you choose to live that reality NOW!

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