My top 3 tips for identifying your ideal client.


Who are your services for?

What is the exact problem your ideal client has that you can help them transform?

Getting clear on the answers to these questions is vitally important for the success of your spiritual service-based business, and yet most people when asked who their ideal client is, will say ‘my services are for everyone’.

But this is not true.

There is a certain sort of person who is a perfect match for the gifts and talents you have – whose problem can be solved by you and only you. And there are lots of those people in the world praying for the solution you can offer them right now…but it’s not everyone.

When you clearly and correctly identify your ideal client – and you make your services available to him or her with confidence, patience, focus and faith, you cannot fail to have a successful spiritual business.

Often, the problem with clearly identifying our ideal client is that, as spiritual practitioners, we don’t want to exclude people. We don’t want to feel mean for excluding people from the healing we can give.

And we don’t want to exclude people for financial reasons, because we feel unsure of ourselves, and uncertain that more clients will be along shortly, so we feel we must take on everyone who comes along.

See! There are lots of lovely clients waiting in line for you!

See! There are lots of lovely clients waiting in line for you!

There are so many ideas in the ‘it’s for everyone’ aprroach that are damaging to the success of your spiritual business:

  • The first is that many people will exclude themselves because they’re not into what you’re doing so you’ll NEVER be for everyone.
  • The second is that it’s not your job to save everyone, and if you force yourself to give service to someone who’s not a great match for you, neither of you will be totally thrilled about it.
  • Third is that this whole approach of taking whatever work comes along is based in scarcity and lack mentality which will never serve you well.
  • And fourth is the brutal irony that the people who ARE your perfect clients can’t find you because your energy, offers and marketing are too vague, general and catch-all…and so the people you’re supposed to really help TRANSFORM their lives miss out.

If you’re fuzzy on who you’re meant to serve right now, consider the 3 following points, which will help you clearly identify your ideal client – the sort of person you’re really here to serve. And when you know and apply this information, your efforts to receive clients will be MUCH more effective. Your earnings will go up, you’ll be making a bigger difference in the world, and the people who really need you will be happy.

1. Your ideal client is at the intersection of your pain and your passion.

Your ideal client may very well be you 5 years ago. You, now, are far enough away from the problems you had 5 years ago to be able to offer wisdom and healing on them…and yet you are close enough to those problems to have compassion, understanding and a BURNING DESIRE to help people who are going through what you went through.

This, in itself, is not enough though. You also have to be passionate about what you’re doing.

Do a brain dump in your journal asking yourself ‘where was I five years ago?’ – keep writing until you’re good and done, then look through your old story and feel into which of those areas you feel passion for, or where you have the most strong desire to help others heal from what you went through.

That is a very powerful profile of your ideal client – someone who’s going through what you went through five years ago, and who you feel very passionate about helping.

2. Identify your ideal client by asking LOTS of questions to people who MIGHT be your ideal clients.

You should be doing market research to find out exactly what your potential clients need and want, and listening carefully to the way they describe their problems and the healing they’re looking for in their own words. I guarantee you you’ll find out something about the people you’re serving and how you can help them that you didn’t already know.

A good place to start is in a facebook group where your potential clients hang out. Make sure this kind of questioning in the group is allowed before you begin – ask an admin if in doubt.

3. Identify your ideal client by reflecting and refining as you go.

Did you serve a client that you just absolutely ADORED? What was it about him or her that was so great? Meditate on their qualities and make a list of them. Pin it up somewhere you’ll see it every day.

Was there a certain client that was not so much fun to serve? What was the problem in the dynamic? In what way are they NOT your perfect client? Make a note of this (no negative judgement necessary) and give yourself permission to release this type of client to someone who can better serve them.

If you follow through with the 3 points above, and you work on getting better and better at what you do, work on elevating your wealth consciousness whilst consistently giving generously to your ideal clients, and you ask for the sale when appropriate, you will have the foundations of a successful spiritual business.

*Tah-dah!* 🙂


I will be very happy to answer your questions about identifying your ideal client in the comments, or if you’d like to share your best advice on getting clear on your ideal client that’d be awesome too!

This is Lauren reminding you that you can be both Spiritual AND Successful if you choose to live that reality NOW!

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