From Shrinking Violet to Tall Poppy – Developing the Confidence to be Visible.


If I’m totally honest, I can’t say I’ve ever been a shrinking violet (my Mum says I started talking at 6 months old and haven’t shut up since πŸ˜‰ ) but I do know that feeling of hesitation, discomfort and fear that arises seconds before I’m about to put something out there that’s risque, important to me, precious to me, or when I feel like I’m about to put my heart on show.

Usually this happens before I hit ‘publish’ on every blog post (even this one!), before I speak to any potential client, before making an offer of services, and before the launch of a new product.

When we have poured our heart and soul into learning our craft, developing ourselves, healing our own wounds and stretching our comfort zones to their very limits in the pursuit of being of service, the urge to hide when it comes time to lay it bare for the world to see and to judge, can be overwhelming.

The fragile flowers of our spiritual talents have been planted in the fertile soil of our hearts, watered by inspiration, coaxed to grow by the fiery sun of passion, and protected by our strong desire to serve.

So when we go to ‘put it out there’, it can feel that we’re exposing this fragile flower to the elements. We fear that the frost of rejection will wither its petals. We fear that someone will mistake our flower for a weed and try to pluck it from our hearts, we fear being trodden upon – that all our hard work to cultivate something so special and so fragile will mean nothing, and that the blossom of our talents and desire to serve will be considered ugly.

So we hide away. We take more and more courses, do more and more training, become more and more ‘expert’ at being a jack-of-all-trades in a bid to avoid having to put ourselves out there and be seen. We faff about with websites, convinced we don’t know enough, to avoid the one and only thing we have to do:

We have to put ourselves out there and blossom fully, so that our clients can find us.

We have to be seen and run the risk of being trodden if we want to reach those we’re meant to serve.

We have to set ourselves apart from others, taking full responsibility for our message, and allowing ourselves to grow taller than other flowers.

And the taller a flower grows, the faster it gets plucked or cut down.Β The risk gets higher the taller you grow – the more you blossom, the more someone will want to pluck you from the ground.

But if you truly want to be of service to the people who really need you, you have to take the risk. If there is a burning fire of desire within you to write that book, serve clients, inspire audiences, bring healing and create a successful spiritual practice that nurtures both you and your clients, you can’t do that whilst hiding in the shadows.

The people who are supposed to benefit from your message can only do so if they hear your message – all of it!

They can only see you if you make yourself visible to them.

They will be drawn like bees to your blossom only when you’re clear about your message and what you offer.

They can only find you amongst the other flowers if you send out your signal consistently, with strength, with faith, and with clarity.

And so, if you are a shrinking violet who’s really ready to get your message out there and become the tall poppy you were meant to be, I set you this challenge:

1. Make a post on facebook telling your story and why you do what you do. Reach deep. The deeper you reach the more deeply you reach the people who get you and who need you. Include a photo of yourself and post it out there for the world to see. (Feel free to post it in our Spiritual & Successful facebook group, we’d love to get to know you.)

2. Y’know that client you lost touch with? Yeah, the one who was interested in your services and then it sort of fizzled out? Call him or her. Ask from a place of genuine joy how they are doing and if they’d like to invest in themselves through you by doing some work together. Tell us in a comment how you got on.

3. Create an informative, useful and uplifting piece of content on your blog or social media, and include a link where people can contact you to work with you, then share it with the world. (It’s important that the content is very high quality).

I know it’s scary to put yourself out there, especially if you’re very self-critical, or you were criticized by others in the past, or you feel others are/will be judging you for your message. I know because I’ve been through all of this. But when you see the look on someone’s face whose life you’ve changed by being ever so courageously you, it will have been worth it, and their appreciation will make it much easier to do next time.

Ready? Set? Bloom! (Go grow like your life depends on it πŸ˜‰ )

universe, spirit, spiritual, entrepreneur, business, faith, a course in miracles, graceThis is Lauren reminding you that you can be Spiritual AND Successful – if you choose to live that reality NOW!

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