How to Overwhelm the Overwhelm.

‘I’m feeling so overwhelmed right now’. Have you caught yourself saying this recently?

The good news is, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, then you’re probably going after something really important – you’re probably trying to make an idea that’s rooted in your soul’s core, come to life.

So at least you’re being true to yourself and making your way down the road less travelled, down the road that will lead you to the realization of your dreams.
Here’s the bad news:

When you find yourself in a state of overwhelm, it means your fearful subconscious is making an effort to stop you living your dream…and it’s winning.

Feeling overwhelmed is not the reality that you have ‘too much to do’, it’s an uncomfortable feeling that convinces you that it’s all a bit much and stops you from doing anything.

Here’s the thing about feelings – they only have power if you believe in them.

So if you believe in the tight, panicky, nauseating, scary feeling of overwhelm, it WILL succeed in stopping you.

Overwhelm is an illusion – a magic trick of thought and feeling that keeps you away from risk.

The attainment of your desires is right on the other side of that very same risk so, yeah, that’s a problem.

The truth is that you don’t have to do ALL the tasks this red-hot minute.

The truth is that you don’t have to be all things to all people – the world will not stop turning if you ignore that email right now.

The truth is that you don’t have to write a made-up to-do list and then painstakingly complete every item on it.

The Truth is that if you desperately want to  reach your dreams, you have to take every opportunity to act on them, instead of making up every reason why you can’t.

So in the spirit of helping you ditch the excuses (since that’s all overwhelm is – a bunch of excuses that feel bad) here are 3 ways to overwhelm the overwhelm (you’re stronger than it) and get the hell on with the work you came here to do…

1. Be clear on your WHY.

If you’re feeling crazy overwhelmed then you’ve forgotten the purpose of what you’re doing. You’ve forgotten about being of service.
You’ve forgotten how big the problem is that you’re here to solve. You’ve forgotten how much you’re needed. You’ve forgotten to make it count. You’ve forgotten how badly you desire it, and how badly it needs you.

You cannot both be in service and be overwhelmed, because being in service means taking action and taking action is the very antithesis of overwhelm. As long as you stay true to your purpose and being of service, you’ll be protected from overwhelm.

Journal about it, meditate on it, speak it aloud, watch someone inspiring doing what you’re doing. Whatever you need to do to drop back into service – to return to your WHY – do it and do it every day, as much as it takes. Get jealous, be inspired. Go at it like your hair’s on fire.

This isn’t about you. This is about much more than you. Remember that.

2. Make a plan.

If you’re disorganized as shit of course you’re going to feel overwhelmed. If your daily tasks include seeing clients, creating content, doing marketing, doing admin, running an entire hoursehold, running errands, and looking after kids, you’re not going to be able to wing it. Hell, if you have even half of those responsibilities you’re not going to be able to wing it!

What needs to happen in order to make your WHY happen?

Make a plan by reverse engineering your desired outcome until you have some smaller steps, then break those steps down, then those, until you have a clear idea of the small things you need to do every day to make your dream a reality. Consistent, committed effort is key.

Start by figuring out your priorities. What’s IMPORTANT? What’s URGENT? What’s ESSENTIAL? What’s NON-ESSENTIAL? Be honest.

Do the important stuff when your at your energy peak. Do the urgent stuff next. Then the essential stuff. Some of the essential and ALL of the non-essential stuff either needs ditched or handed over to someone else. Hire help. Get a domestic assistant. Treat yourself to a nanny. Call in a favour. Do what you need to do to reclaim some precious hours.

Organize your time. I use google calendar which is free and syncs to my devices. Every hour of every day is accounted for. This ensures that the things that are truly important to me get done.

Say your dream is to have a thriving spiritual consultation practice, and you require 10 amazing clients per week. You may break the desire to receive 10 clients per week down into:

1. Create valuable content.
2. Marketing.
3. Find where my clients are hanging out.
4. Improve my wealth consciousness and personal mastery to feel confident and worthy of 10 clients.
5. Contact my past clients.

You might break these 5 points down into smaller steps until they feel actionable to you. Break the steps down as small as you need to to begin taking action. The smallest point might be something like, ‘call Linda to schedule her next appointment’.

3. Start somewhere.

It doesn’t matter how small the action is – if you’re doing something, ANYTHING towards your dream, then you’re not in overwhelm. As soon as you feel yourself starting to slip into inaction, break the task down into its smallest units and start.

For example, if you’re stuck with what to write on your blog or social media, break it down into small units. Find a way in. Begin:

What do your clients most ask you about?
What have you learned today?
Ask your community a compelling question.
Share something with them that lit you up.

Get into the heartspace of being of service and take action.


I say this with love, but seriously, the only way to get a grip is to get a grip. There is nothing fruitful in overwhelm. You are a powerful, giving, intelligent being who has the ability to breathe real love into the world. If you can see that you are then you don’t have time for overwhelm. Decide what’s important and get the hell on with it.

You’re bigger than this. You got this!

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Tell me in a comment:

What’s the BEST way you know of to overcome overwhelm?


This is Lauren reminding you that you can be Spiritual AND Successful – if you choose to live that reality NOW!

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