An easy way to improve your mediumship now.

How much time do you spend worrying about your mediumship?

Worrying that you’ll say the wrong thing.

Feeling anxious that you’ll hurt your recipient’s feelings.

Panicking that you’ll look foolish in front of people.

How many times have you refused an opportunity to work with spirit in a class or workshop because you picture yourself standing up there and metaphorically falling flat on your face?

I always feel disappointed and dismayed when I teach a workshop on mediumship, and at the interactive portion of the class, when I invite students to give a reading to someone in the group, I get silence, crickets and zero eye-contact.

It makes me feel dismayed because in that moment, I see that my students are consumed by visualizing themselves failing, rather than focusing on being of service and seeing themselves succeeding and delivering a beautiful message from a person in spirit.

And of course, the fear becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Either the student gives no message at all (you fail at 100% of what you don’t try), or they get up there and instead of being present, open and lovingly available for spirit, they seize and freeze and can’t wait to sit back down, and so the message is not what it could be.

One simple thing you can do to not be this person, is to make the conscious and definite decision that you will believe in the success of your work with spirit, rather than working from a place of fear of failure.


And the most effective way I’ve found to be in the space of success instead of failure is to visualize success consistently.

Make it a part of your daily meditation practice.

Visualize yourself as the successful medium you desire to be. Visualize yourself feeing the presence of spirit with ease. Picture yourself giving a message in a one-to-one with compassion, clarity and accuracy – really see yourself bringing the love and the personality of the communicator through in a compelling way. See yourself working from the platform and feeling calm, excited, present and fully available. See the faces of your audience looking at you with support, optimism and gratitude. See yourself giving a reading to your audience that uplifts, amazes and truly gives evidence that life is eternal.

How does that feel?

Whatever you visualize regularly you become – you begin to step into being that person. You begin to think, speak, feel and behave as that person. Spirit will be able to connect more clearly with a medium who sees themselves as a clear channel for Spirit.

Now I’d love to hear from you in a comment – what kind of medium do you see yourself as? What have you been visualizing for yourself and your mediumship? Please share the results you’ve experienced as a result of transforming the way you see your work with spirit.

This is Lauren reminding you that to be Spiritual & Successful can be your reality – if you choose to make this your reality NOW!
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