How to make a living giving away your spiritual services for free.

Spiritual practitioners are usually divided into two camps: those that believe it’s wrong to charge for spiritual services; and those that are determined to make their living from being a spiritual service provider.

I’m referring here to psychics, mediums, healers, coaches, spiritual consultants, and any other purveyor of beautiful woo-wooery.

Many spiritual practitioners now find themselves smack-bang in the middle of an ascension, and are ready to leave the false dichotomy of either-charge-or-don’t-charge behind.

Such self-exile from either camp can be painful.

Swimming alone between the island of the impoverished-righteous and the land of money-grabbing-con-men, we feel lost, mixed up and unguided. We start to lose a grip of our gifts, our purpose, our relationship to those we want to help, to our right to abundance, and to our perfect divinity.

We become tossed around by waves of self-doubt, insecurity about our pricing, shame about receiving money, sadness at being condemned by the ‘righteous’ and fear of being grouped with the conmen.

But what if I told you that there is a magical place between the islands where charging and not-charging live happily side-by-side. What if I told you that this mystical place is inhabited by neither the judgemental righteous nor the snake-oil salesman, but is host to a new breed of spiritual practitioner.

This mystical land of lore, they call it: Spiritual Entrepreneurship.

To become a citizen of the land of Spiritual Entrepreneurship you must pass one test and one test alone:

You must demonstrate that you can both charge and not-charge for your spiritual services.

So if you’ve been swimming, lost, between the isle of sanctimonious judgement, and the land of power-hungry con-men who care only for wealth and not at all for spirit or love, and you need some place to belong, we’d love to welcome you to our mystical land…


Where you can charge for your spiritual services AND work for free as you see fit. Where you can live happily amongst people who understand that the satisfaction of the soul is nothing without the sustenance of the mind and body, AND who know, too, that material wealth alone was never meant to bring you happiness.

A place where your pursuit of material fulfilment through spiritual generosity will be applauded and accepted.

Can you pass the test of charging and not-charging?

Join us on the mystical land of spiritual entrepreneurship by one of these 4 means:

1. Charge and not charge by creating a value ladder.

A value ladder is a suite of services that ascend in price, usually beginning at zero. Value ladders allow you to create services at different price points so that anyone who wants to work with you can do so at a price point that works for them. Include plenty of free offerings in your value ladder as generosity is your fastest way to paying clients who’ve come to know, like, and trust you.

For example, if you are an intuitive practitioner, you may do complimentary readings on your facebook page, then offer a 15 minute Q&A reading, then a 30 minute reading, then 90 minutes, then a year’s worth of readings in a subscribed program. The duration and price increase as you work your way up the ladder.

2. Charge and not charge by creating high-value content and making an offer.

If you want a successful spiritual business you should be creating free, high-value content on your blog or social media several times a week. Then when someone needs what you offer, you will be the first person they think of.

If you are a spiritual healer, write about your journey, clients you’ve worked with, where your practice is, which books you recommend – anything that’s going to add joy and value to your client’s day. Then give them the opportunity to find out more about working with you at the end of the content.

3. Not-charge and charge by ‘discovering’ your clients.

By offering your client a consultation or ‘discovery session’ you have the opportunity to be of service and give value whilst assessing their suitability as your client.

If you’re a coach or consultant, a discovery call is an opportunity for your client to be heard, to be listened to, to be supported and to feel excited for the journey ahead (this is tremendously valuable) whilst you get to know his or her needs. Discovery calls, done well, give value whether you sign up a client or not. Discovery calls, done well, often lead to blissful exchanges that bring joy both to the client and the practitioner.

4. Not-charge and charge by speaking free and making an offer.

Create a book, a course, a service or product around your area of expertise and host a talk about it which is free to attend. Your clients will get a great deal of value from your talk and many of them will take you up on your offer, having appreciated your generosity and seen the value of your expertise.


True spirituality means that EVERYONE wins. That’s how we live on the mystical isle of spiritual entrepreneurship. When we give for free we do so out of love, and when the time comes to receive in exchange for our gifts, we do so graciously, knowing that every exchange of service made with loving intent is a double-blessing.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Comment and tell me – have you ever felt caught between charging and not-charging for your services? Have you implemented any of the strategies above? When was the last time you were part of a double-blessing exchange?
This is Lauren reminding you that being Spiritual AND Successful can be your reality – if you choose to live that reality NOW!

Want my help to gain access to the mystical land of spiritual entrepreneurship? Click here to book a discovery session in which we’ll find out if I’m the right mentor to guide you.

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