An Experiment In Grace: How I Got Everything I Wanted From Doing Nothing…

I woke up this morning so sick of trying, grinding and pushing that I decided to just not.

Instead of waking up, pumping myself full of coffee, strapping myself to my desk and getting into ‘money making mode’, I woke up, pumped myself full of coffee and sat my ass down on the sofa with my journal and my dog, and stared into space for the longest moment.

I couldn’t bring myself to do any work that resembled work. I felt so exhausted, so anxious, so frustrated, by grinding away at my business and seeing very little results, that I just couldn’t bring myself to do it for another day.

And so I stared…until a little voice within said, ‘just let the day carry you today’.

I saw clearly in that moment that the reason I felt so crappy and had been seeing so few results was because there was no grace in any of my endeavours.

I had been little-old-Lauren, invisible, tiny, alone…trying to make something big, soulful and tribal happen.

I had forgotten to let the Universe in. I had forgotten that a mission as big as the one I feel called to do needed starlight, dark matter and intergalactic combustion behind it. It needed something bigger than me. It needed grace.

So I decided this morning to do fuck all work.

I decided to put my entire trust, faith and thanks in the grace of the Universe and let it take the wheel.

I prayed:

‘Divine Universe, my work, my clients, my money, my happiness, my mission, my future. I hand it over to you with full and complete trust that you know what is best for me. Thank you for making my thoughts the best that they can be – thank you for holding my life safely in your care and infusing it with love and joy. Please allow me the grace to see that when I stop, I float, and you carry me. Amen’

I immediately felt liberated and guided to write in my gratitude journal in a new way. Rather than stating what I’m grateful or thankful for, I wrote from the perspective of the ever-loving Universe who is proud of me, supportive of me, excited by my creativity and encouraging of my desires.

‘I’m proud of you because…’

‘I love you because…’

‘You impressed me when you…’

‘It’s so great that you…’

I called my friend and arranged to meet her for coffee – we had deep, funny, sisterly, fierce, supportive conversations over coffee and it was one of those days where the conversation is so nourishing that coffee turned into lunch.


We said goodbye and I felt recharged and peaceful. I opened my laptop for the first time that day to find that 3 clients had paid on time and in full, two more potential clients had booked for discovery sessions, and an amazing opportunity had turned up out the blue in my facebook inbox.

I have well and truly learned my lesson – I will never again reserve the power of grace as a last ditch attempt at recovery when I’m lost and exhausted. I now realise that letting the Universe in, letting the power that’s available to me match the enormity of the task, is necessary.

It’s only little old me if I act like it. It’s the will of the Universe if I let it.

Stop struggling against the current. Put your tools down for a day. Let the Universe carry you. You float and it’s flowing.

This is Lauren reminding you that you were born to be Spiritual AND Successful – choose to live that reality NOW!


Ps. Think the Universe may have sent me to help you float? I have space to coach one committed spiritual practitioner who wants to pull a ‘Pleasantville’ and turn their black and grey to technicolor. Apply for a discovery call here. 

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