What should I charge for my spiritual services?

Putting a price to your spiritual services is a prickly subject.

How do you price something precious to you, that you know has the power to give life-changing transformation; whilst also feeling guilty and holding the belief that it’s wrong to charge for spiritual work?

Much of the time, the discomfort of pricing your services arises because it feels like you’re pricing your own soul. This can throw up all kinds of demons and doubts that we thought we’d left behind (along with teenage angst and crimped hair).

As a spiritual practitioner whose deepest desire is to help people transform their lives whilst making a good living doing so, you may have found yourself caught in a web of dissonant beliefs, immobilized, hiding from the very people you should be up to your eyeballs in helping; and cautiously undercharging or giving your services away.

But if we strip all that away for a sec – if we pretend we never felt undervalued as a child; if we pretend we’re not afraid of being judged by our peers; if we imagine that money is an infinite energy, and the more you receive it, the more you have to give, and the more you give, the more you receive…

Then the truth is…you can charge anything you want for your spiritual services.

The ‘right price’ for your services is not a fixed amount. The right price for your services is a number that correctly represents your client’s BELIEF in the VALUE of your services, combined with YOUR belief in the value of your services.

There is someone out there who thinks that receiving coaching to finally feel confident within themselves, have faith in the transformational power of their gifts, and achieve knowledge about how to attract 10 new clients this week, is the most valuable thing in the world, and will happily pay £3000 for this transformation.

And there’s someone out there who thinks coaching is a waste of time and would laugh at you if you asked them for £3000 to invest in a successful spiritual business.

There are people out there who swear by a tarot reading and will spend thousands on travelling to a particular tarot reader whom they know and trust.

…and there are people who would never think to spend money on a reading.

And there are lots of people in between.

You can charge anything you like for your services; and if both you and the people you most want to work with agree that the value is well represented by that exchange of money, you will have found the sweet spot and, all else being well, you will be busy with clients.

A word of advice – if you really think about it, you’re probably undercharging.

Consider this: What are your reasons for charging what you do? Are they based in fear or love?

What number would feel genuinely really great to receive in exchange for your services? Is this the number you’re currently receiving?

A useful exercise in helping you feel more confident in pricing your services is to expose yourself to conversations about money with your ideal clients.

Make a list of all the short and long-term outcomes that your client will experience as a result of your services.

Now – ask your clients/potential clients if they’d be happy to pay the amount you feel guided to charge, for the outcomes listed above. Don’t be scared – they want to pay for the valuable outcomes your service provides, go ahead and ask them. If they say ‘yes’ – great! If they say ‘no’, you don’t have to get emotional about it, either this person isn’t your ideal client (because they don’t see the value) or you haven’t explained the value clearly enough, or the energy of the exchange is a little off. This has nothing to do with your value as a person. Play around with the value and price and ask again.

Now, I’d love to hear from you – in a comment below tell me:

What services do you offer and what do you charge?

What are the true valuable outcomes your clients achieve as a result of your services?

What’s the number that would bring you the most joy to receive for your services?

This is Lauren reminding you that being spiritual AND successful is absolutely possible for you – if you choose to start living that reality now!


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