4 Ways to Manifest Miracles Using Your Angel Cards

4 Ways to Manifest Miracles Using Your Angel Cards

In 2012, Hay House author and coach Cheryl Richardson gave me an angel card. Little did I know, at that moment, just how much this one card would become a focus for miracles in my life. From stopping drinking alcohol, achieving my dream of going to Florence, manifesting tens of thousands of pounds to losing half a stone in weight effortlessly, this one angel card – which reads ‘the more I take care of myself, the more prosperous I am’ – has served as a focus through which miracles have arrived in my life.

If you’re looking to re-purpose a deck that you’ve ‘retired’ from use, or one which is still in its wrapper awaiting its purpose, I’d recommend you use your cards as a tool for manifesting miracles.

Here are 4 ways to manifest miracles in your life using your angel cards…

1. Use Your Angel Cards to Help You Set Goals

If you find it difficult to pinpoint exactly how you want to feel, or it’s challenging for you to visualize what you desire for your future, you can use your angel cards to stimulate your imagination.

Spread each of your angel cards out in front of you, on the floor or on a table, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. After a few moments, allow your gaze to wander over the cards – remain aware of your body and how it feels, and if any card triggers a feeling of desire, excitement, tingles or warmth, pick it up and put it to one side. Often, our subconscious mind can pick out the values, desires and feelings that are important to us, even if we are unable to picture them or consciously decide upon them. When you have a small pile of cards in front of you (the ones that triggered desire or excitement) journal about what that card means to you and how you see its message making a positive appearance in your future.

I’m always drawn to one of my angel cards that has the word ‘move’ written on it. Whenever I shuffle my cards to do a reading, if this card comes up, I spend an extra long moment looking at it. I realized, recently, that one of my deep desires is to do more exercise, to feel confident, strong and sexy in my body, and that this angel of movement was reflecting my desires back at me and helping me manifest them.

2. Place Your Angel Cards on Your Vision Board

If you’re not using your angel cards to give readings, and you don’t mind splitting up a deck, you can use your cards to represent your dreams and desires on your vision board.

A vision board is a depiction of your visions for your future, placed somewhere prominent where you can see it every day. You can put anything you like on your vision board, what’s important is that you have emotional energy behind the things you choose. Sometimes the beauty of our angel cards can connect with us emotionally, so they can work very well as representatives of your desires. My boyfriend is a writer, and he has an angel card depicting the Archangel Michael on his vision board in his office – he desires to wield words as Michael wields his sword, and the card inspires him to write wonderful scripts and dialogue.

3. Use Your Angel Cards to Stimulate Prayer/Gratitude

To bring what you desire to you, you must show gratitude for what you already have. You can use your angel cards to help you see what there is to be thankful for. Shuffle your cards and lay six cards in front of you. One by one, pick up each card and say aloud what it reminds you of that you’re grateful for. For example, if you picked Archangel Jophiel, you might say, ‘thank you for my creativity, thank you for my mother, thank you for my children, thank you for my imagination, thank you for my beautiful designer shoes, thank you for my sisters, thank you for my female friends,’ because Jophiel represents these things. This is a great exercise to do first thing in the morning with your coffee.

4. Use Your Angel Cards to Inspire a Journaling Topic

In order to receive new miracles, we must think in new ways. And to think in new ways, we must clear out the old and make room in our hearts and minds. A great way to empty your heart and mind of things that are bothering you is to journal about them. And a useful question, written at the top of a blank page, can work wonders for digging up emotions and thoughts that need to be released.

Pick an angel card for yourself at random. Whatever the card depicts, formulate it as a useful question in your journal – use your intuition to guide you to the question that wants to be answered. For example, you may choose the angel of ‘abundance’ and you may want to ask: Which thoughts are occurring that are blocking abundance in my life right now?

Write the answer to your question in your journal, and release the blockages. Now expect miracles.

When I began using my angel cards as tools for manifesting, I received miracles quickly. What I realized is that the loving presence of the angels helped me change my thinking so that I could believe in the greatness that’s always flowing to me.

The one true miracle is changing your thinking to see the good in all things – it is from this transformation (which the angels can definitely help you with) that all other miracles flow.

Now I’d love to hear from you! Tell me in a comment…

Which miracles have you manifested in your life?

Do you work with the angels to help you manifest?

In what other ways could you use your angel cards as a tool for manifesting?

This is Lauren reminding you that TRUE SUCCESS IS SPIRITUAL – start living this reality NOW!


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